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Tripping the light fantastic, Edouard Theriault & Golda Lagace


Theriault & Lagace, mid 1950s A Canadian Family Photo Archives


This photo sweeps me back to my childhood, when I grew up surrounded by the music of the swing era big bands! It also drew me back to those exciting days at the end of the 50s when we were one of the first families on our street to get a television (black and white of course). In those early years some of our favourite movies were those of the dancing duo – Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Lovell's Montreal Directory (1958) Murray Dance Studios where my father worked

You can tell from the photo that my parents were expert dancers. In fact, as a sideline while he was working his way through university, my father was a teacher at an Arthur Murray Ballroom Dancing School in Montreal. My mother wasn’t a dance teacher but she was a natural – light on her feet and quick to learn. To me as a  little girl – sitting on my stool and watching them dance – my parents were every bit as good as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!

And when I got a little older it was finally my turn as my father taught me my first dances. I remember that Latin rhythms were all the rage then – and I particularly enjoyed the cha-cha-cha!


temporarily gone

Annuaires Lovell de Montreal et sa banlieue (1842-1999)



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“Pain et Melasse, Cherie!”

1. Memories      2. Five Roses Molasses Cookie Recipe     3.  Acadians and Slavery

cocoagood1. Memories  Growing up in 1960s Quebec, my sisters and I had a regular morning routine on school-days. First we’d wash up, then my mother would tie up our pony tails with fresh ribbons and we’d return to the upstairs hallway to dress. My mother had laid out our school uniforms the night before. She draped them neatly over the metal railing – three matching dark navy blue tunics with buttoned belts, crisp white oxford shirts, white or blue knee socks, black pumps). While we finished dressing she’d slip downstairs to finish preparing breakfast.

My dream breakfast would have been Cocoa Puffs – but Mom didn’t agree. She said Cocoa Puffs were a snack not a breakfast. My mother was very nutrition-conscious  and in the middle of a Montreal winter that usually meant a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon or Continue reading

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Joseph Anglehart/Migkelharte and Marie Anelkawine (Descendants: Gaspe to Gloucester)


1.  Joseph Anglehart / Migkelharte was born about 1730 and died after 1787.  Joseph married Marie Anelkawine about 1750 in Canada. Marie was said by some to be Native but this is disputed by researcher Dominique Ritchot. See                                       ……..for more information.

The child from this marriage was:

+2 M i. Jean Baptiste Anglehart / Migkelharte I who was born about 1750 and died after 1800. Continue reading

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