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Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1769

If you skim through our Ward/Luce and other Canadian Jersey lines you’ll notice that there’s a lot of movement between Gaspe and  Shippegan/Miscou. Nowadays, we see these as two places – one in Quebec and one in New Brunswick – but to the fishermen of centuries past, all the land around the Baie des Chaleurs was seen as one large region bordering fertile fisheries.

Partie du Canada ou se trouvent le Fleuve St.Laurent/Didier Robert de Vaugondy


Detail (cropped & enlarged)

Robert de Vaugondy, Didier, 1723-1786.

Partie du Canada où se trouvent le Fleuve St. Laurent et La Nouvelle Ecosse?. — 
Scale [ca. 1:5 800 000] (W 76º–W 61º/N 52º–N 44º). — [Paris : s.n., 1769].
1 map : hand col. ; 17 x 22 cm. 
LOCATION: G3402.S3 1769 R6 RBD Map



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La Collection W.H. Pugsley de Cartes Anciennes du Canada


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