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Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Peat Moss, New Brunswick



What does a bag of peat moss have to do with Shippegan – land of fishermen?  We already know that when our ancestors first settled in the Shippegan area, they were there to harvest the sea (especially cod) – certainly not to farm the land which was poorly suited to most types of agriculture.

Nowadays it turns out that the land itself can also be “harvested”. I’m talking about the peat moss. Peat moss is in great demand today – especially by organic gardeners – and Shippegan peat moss is particularly valued!

                                                                              Western Peat Moss, Shippagan


“… the vast plains of Shippagan had been considered a serious handicap to the growth of the community.  People could not foresee that these plains would one day be the basis of a flourishing peat moss industry.  Since 1942, various companies such as Fafard, Western, Atlantic and others have successfully processed and marketed  peat moss from thousands of acres in Shippagan and surrounding area, giving employment to hundreds of workers.” 

 Town of Shippagan


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