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My Leger Direct Lineage in Canada: 1663 to 2008


* 1663  –  2008  *



Generation 1

Jacques  Leger  “dit La Rosette” m. Anne Madeleine Trahan

About 1693 – Acadie


Generation 2

Jacques Leger m. Anne Amirault

1717 – Acadie


Generation 3

Joseph “dit fluzan” Leger m. Claire Leblanc

1744 – Acadie, Quebec


Generation 4

Joseph “dit la Petite Houppe” m. Marguerite Maillet

1775 – Memramcook, Quebec


Generation 5

Amable Leger and Euphroisine Leblanc

1806 – Memramcook, New Brunswick


Generation 6

Marcellin Frederic Leger and Rosalie Dupuis

1830 – Memramcook, New Brunswick


Generation 7

Dosithe Leger and Pelagie Gallant

1864 – Westmorland, New Brunswick


Generation 8

Louis Gonzague Leger and Celeste Babineau

1897 – Kent, New Brunswick


Generations 9, 10, 11





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  1. This is my direct Leger line as well. I have my Grandmother’s name: “Celeste” Leger Leone. I’m living in SC, North Charleston now. My Dad’s brothers and sisters as far as I can recall are Emina, Yvonne, Exilda, Charles, Rueben, and beyond that I have no recall. Nice to meet you cousin. Sorry to say, my Dad was a proud to be an american citizen to the point of not allowing us to speak French. My Uncle Reuben on the other hand brought his girls up speaking both English and French.


    Comment by Celeste leone | January 14, 2018 | Reply

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