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Andre Mignier dit Lagace – what did he look like?


Andre Mignier was a simple, 17th century soldier, so we certainly have no images of him, however we do have this recent painting by Francis Back of a typical soldier of the Carignan-Salieres Regiment. The painting is historically accurate as it is based on equipment lists and descriptions of the period.

Andre Mignier’s regiment was stationed in Nouvelle France (Quebec) between 1665 and 1668. The soldiers were brought here to defend the colony from what Europeans called “marauding” Iroquois warriors. Of course, the Iroquois (and other First Nations and Inuit) were already here before the arrival of the Europeans so they would undoubtedly write this history from a different perspective!

At the end of the three years soldiers (and officers) were offered the chance to settle in Nouvelle France. Officers received seigneuries while their soldiers were offered plots of land. In return they had to meet certain requirements (such as building a house) but most importantly – they had to marry!


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  1. I also had ancestors who were part of this regiment. Not this particular man however.


    Comment by Lori E | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. he is my ancestor and I love him!!

    Bob Turcott


    Comment by Bob Turcott | June 8, 2010 | Reply

  3. My ancestor descending from a great aunt on my mother’s side of the family (Latour)….Wow what an interesting find !


    Comment by Pat | December 28, 2013 | Reply

  4. Yes I have 2 ancestors who came via this regiment… some were descendants of families of royalty in France also


    Comment by Aline | September 4, 2016 | Reply

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