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Famous Relatives: Rene Levesque, Quebec Nationalist

Family members who’ve been following my Mignier/Lagace posts may have noticed that our ancestor Andre Mignier dit Lagace’s great-great grandson Louis Lagace married a Madeleine Levesque back in 1805 in Riviere-Ouelle. Madeleine Levesque was the great-great grandaughter of Francois Robert Levesque and Charlotte Aubert. What you may not have realized however is that Quebec nationalist leader Rene Levesque descends from the same pioneering couple of Riviere-Ouelle.

For those readers unfamiliar with Quebec issues, you need to know that there is a certain percentage of the Quebec population who wish to secede from Canada. In modern times their greatest leader has been Rene Levesque. Rene Levesque was a great orator and he founded the separatist Parti Quebecois and led a movement which nearly led to the separation of Quebec from Canada in 1980. This video is an hommage to Rene Levesque from the separatist point of view.

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