A Canadian Family

First Nations, French Canadians & Acadians

Index: Luces from Jersey (Channel Islands) to Canada

Jersey - Homeland of our Luces

Index: Lameque, Miscou and Shippegan



The Luces from Jersey, Channel Islands to Canada

LUCE Philip – 1892

LUCE-1941 & VALLEE-1954

Luce, Alden J., 1937 

Luce, Livain – 1937 

Luce, Marielle, 1951 


Historical Documents

Historical Document: Philippe Luce & Anne Ward – Marriage, 1863

Historical Document: George Lewis & Clementine Desilva – Marriage, 1896


History and Places

Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1769

Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1857(?)


Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcard: St-Brelade Church, Jersey

Vintage Postcard: VRAIC?

Vintage Postcard: Robin Jones & Whitman Fishing. Paspebiac, Gaspe, Quebec

Vintage Postcard: Marinage du Poisson, Gaspe, Que. Curing Fish

Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Peat Moss, New Brunswick

Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Harbour, New Brunswick

Vintage Postcard: Shippegan, New Brunswick, Canada

Cafe Royale, Shippegan – “the best fish meal … cod in cornmeal”


Families Allied To The Luces In My Family Tree

Ebenezer Ward and Mary Gray (Descendants: Gaspe to New Brunswick)

From Lisbon to La Nouvelle France – the Portuguese Desilvas

Historical Document: Pedro Dasslyva – Burial, 1717

Joseph Anglehart/Migkelharte and Marie Anelkawine (Descendants: Gaspe to Gloucester)

HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Chapadeau & Migkelhart – Marriage, 1787

HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Angleharte & Huard – Marriage, 1826

Evelyn In Montreal: Pierre (Pedro) dit le Portugais m. Jeanne Greslon / Laviolette

Update: Pierre (Pedro) dit le Portugais m. Jeanne Greslon / Laviolette

The Origins of Gaspe Fisherman Jean Baptiste Anglehart/Migkelhardt | Hessian mercenary? American Loyalist? | Dominique Ritchot


Our Luce Family History

Mamma-mia, I’ve got an M-line!

A Canadian Family M-Line: Eveline Melvina Luce

A Canadian Family Headstone: LUCE Evelyne 1976 – New Brunswick – Canada




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Riviere Ouelle, Quebec Virtual Field Trip: Pt.2/5


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Index: Riviere Ouelle Virtual Field Trip

If there’s one thing my own students love it’s a field trip – so I thought I would offer a virtual field trip to Riviere-Ouelle to those readers who may never get to visit their ancestral homelands.

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