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Index: Riviere Ouelle Virtual Field Trip

If there’s one thing my own students love it’s a field trip – so I thought I would offer a virtual field trip to Riviere-Ouelle to those readers who may never get to visit their ancestral homelands.

Forestry is one of the traditional forms of livelihood

in the La-Pocatiere region.



A hard day’s work – done!




Riviere Ouelle Virtual Field Trip: Pt.2/5

Riviere-Ouelle Virtual Field Trip: Pt.3/5

Riviere-Ouelle Virtual Field Trip: Pt.4/5

Riviere-Ouelle Virtual Field Trip: Pt.5/5


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  1. I am pleased to find these articles, my family is Antione(Antwine) Richard, and wife Harriett Labrie from RivierreOuelle. They are my grt Grandparents, their son Jos Antwine(Antione) is my Mom’s father,. They came to BayCity,Mich in 1885 and grt grandparents separated and returned to Que. from 1900-1910 separately. Some of the kids stayed here including my GrPa, and several we do not know where they moved to, a couple died in Mich. We think they moved back to Que. If some of you are from my family, would love to hear from you. Also have a GrPa married to a Boucher and one to a Gamache, and a Miville. I am also on My Heritage but on free plan so have gotten matches from Cote,Levesque,Ouellette and several more, just cannot access their contact info on that plan. I have been educating myself with all this Que info. Sent to some of my other cousins in U.S. Nice too to see Celine Dion comes thru my Richard/Gamache grandparents. Always loved her now I know why. Actress Angelina Jolie comes from that line, and her Dad John comes thru my Dad’s side, the Rockefeller’s. Quite the tree, my Mom is from the Angell’s of Rhode Isl. also. She never knew all this info past her grandparents.
    Lora Schultz Callender.


    Comment by Lora Callender | September 17, 2017 | Reply

  2. By any chance is the American actor Maurice Chavalier, who was born and died in Paris related to our family? I would of never dreamed that one. Loved him. I have several other actors in my family trees.


    Comment by Lora Callender | September 17, 2017 | Reply

    • I loved Marucie Chevalier too! He’s from Paris and I don’t know whether his many lines of Chevaliers there were in France or whether his line connects to the Quebec one.


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | September 18, 2017 | Reply

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