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Boileau m. Minier (Pt.1) | Evelyn in Montreal

Lyse contacted me in a comment box this morning. She has a Joseph Boileau who ties into some  Miniers and was curious about that line. I enjoyed looking into this because almost all my work deals with the Lagace/Mignier branches, so it was a great opportunity to check into the Meuniers to Miniers line.

Note 1: The generations below were recreated through a quick skip through some online  indexes, not primary documents.

Note 2:  Surnames spellings vary through the generations. Readers new to the Lagace / Mignier / Meunier / Miller variations,  may want to read:   “You like po-tato and I like po-tahto!” Pt.1


Joseph Boileau

Son of Laurent Boileau and Julienne Brunet


Sophie Minier

Daughter of Francois Minier and Sophie Henrichon

St-Laurent, Montreal Island, Quebec

October 22nd, 1867


Francois Meunier Lagace,

Son of Antoine Meunier Lagace and Suzanne Beautron


Marie Sophie Henrichon,

Daughter of Pierre Henrichon and Rose Charlebois

St-Laurent , Montreal Island

January 13th, 1840


Antoine Meunier,

Son of Jean Baptiste Meunier and Euphrosine Couvrette


Suzanne Bautron,

Daughter of Jean Baptiste Bautron and Suzanne Verdon


January 7th, 1817


Jean Baptiste Meunier-Lagace,

Son of Jean Bernard Meunier-Lagace and Madeleine Dumont


Euphrosine Couvrette,

Daughter of Jean Marie Couvrette and Marie Plouffe

Notre Dame Church, Montreal


November 13th, 1786

If you want to continue climbing the tree, you can go to   Mignier dit Lagace: The Next Generations (Part 2)  and you will find Jean Baptiste listed under his parents (61) Bernard Jean Mignier/Lagace and his second wife Madeleine Dumont who were married in St-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Quebec in 1747. This lineage then continues in  The Mignier dit Lagaces from Poitou-Charentes to Nouvelle France: Beginnings (Part 1)


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  1. Hi Evelyn,

    Question for you. My uncle said there is native descent in our family. He seems to think that it’s from Sophie Mignier dit Lagace who married Joseph Lina Boileau. Do you know if this is true?

    Thank You!
    Lyse Boileau-Leger


    Comment by Lyse Boileau-Leger | July 16, 2011 | Reply

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