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Michel Mignier dit Lagace & Marguerite Pelletier of Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec

In my first two posts I covered the children and grandchildren of Andre Mignier dit Lagace and Jacquette Michel, and in the third I followed up with the Basil Lagace/Catherine Dube branch which left Riviere-Ouelle for Bathurst, New Brunswick. Basil and Catherine were my direct ancestors. Today I want to return to Basil’s original family in Riviere-Ouelle and take a look at the families of his brothers and sisters who stayed for the most part in the area of Kamouarska and Temiscouata (although some of the lines stop short and perhaps those descendants moved to the United States).

Basil  was the son of Michel Mignier dit Lagace and Marguerite Pelletier who had been  married in St-Roch-des-Aulnaies (L’Islet), Quebec on January 9th, 1736.  Michel and Marguerite had nine children:  Michel, Jean Charles, Michel Joseph, Francois Jean, Marguerite, Marie Josephte, Anne and Barthelemi. I’ve found marriages for all of the Mignier dit Lagace/Pelletier children with the exception of  Barthelemi who died as an infant.

*  *  *  *  *

Basile’s Sisters

MARGUERITE  MIGNIER dit LAGACE (born in 1749) married Andre D’Amours Courberon in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Quebec on April 11th, 1768. They had at least one child – Augustin D’Amours – who married a Catherine Pelletier on September 8th, 1812.


ANNE MIGNIER dit LAGACE married Pierre Berube on November 8th, 1779 in Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec. They had at least one son Pascal Berube who married Charlotte Levesque on September 11th, 1809 (also in Riviere-Ouelle).  There is another possible daughter – Marie-Anasthasie Berube – who married a Charles Plourde in 1804, but her father’s name was listed as Pierre MATHURIN Berube – so I’m not sure it’s the same family.


Basil’s third sister – MARIE JOSEPHTE dit LAGACE  – married Louis Levesque on November 24th, 1777 in La-Pocatiere, Quebec. Pierre’s parents were Louis Levesque and Angelique Dube. Marie-Josephte and Louis had four children I know of: Augustin, Joseph, Louis and Reine. These are their marriages:

Marie-Reine Levesque & Nicolas Dube   Sept.14th, 1807

Augustin Levesque & Angelique Hudon/Beaulieu   Nov.20th, 1809

Joseph Levesque & Henriette Hudon/Beaulieu   May 4th, 1818

Louis Levesque & Marie Emond/Hemond   Oct.19th, 1818

Basil’s Brothers

Basil’s brother MICHEL MIGNIER dit LAGACE married Josephte Hudon/Beaulieu on January 16th, 1758 in Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec. They had two daughters – Charlotte and Barbe – and one son – also called Michel. These births are recorded by Tanguay and others but I haven’t found any marriages connected to them.


Another of Basil’s younger brothers  – JEAN CHARLES MIGNIER dit LAGACE  – married Madeleine Leclerc (Leclair) on November 15th, 1762 in La-Pocatiere (Kamouraska), Quebec. I have no children at all for that couple.


Basil had another brother named Michel, but in this case it was a  MICHEL JEAN MIGNIER  dit LAGACE who married Catherine Berube. I wonder whether this second Michel is really a “Michel”,  or whether it is just an added name to denote his paternal line?  This couple  has many descendants so I’m providing a modified descendancy chart.


1. Michel Joseph Mignier / Lagace married Catherine Berube on 9 Jan 1769 in Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec. She was the daughter of Francois Berube I and Madeleine Levesque. Children from this marriage: + 2 M i. Joseph Mignier / Lagace  + 3 F ii. Catherine Mignier / Lagace  + 4 M iii. Benjamin Francois Mignier / Lagace  + 5 M iv. Charles Mignier / Lagace


2. Joseph Mignier / Lagace married Victoire Rouleau  (Pierre Rouleau and Josette Boucher) on 20 Oct 1794 in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Quebec.

3. Catherine Mignier / Lagace married Jean Alexandre Plourde on 1 Mar 1802 in Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec Children from this marriage:+ 6 M i. Jean Sylvestre Plourde  + 7 F ii. Ozite Plourde  + 8 F iii. Luce Plourde

4. Benjamin Francois Mignier / Lagace married Charlotte Ouellet on 21 Oct 1805 in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Quebec. She was the daughter of Jean Francois Ouellet and Charlotte Rouleau. Children from this marriage: + 9 M i. Francois Lagace / Mignier   + 10 M ii. Benjamin Lagace / Mignier I   + 11 M iii. Nazaire Lagace / Mignier  + 12 F iv. Marie Mignier / Lagace

5. Charles Mignier / Lagace married Magdelaine Pelletier on 13 Feb 1804 in Kamouraska in St-Louis parish.


6. Jean Sylvestre Plourde married Scholastique Michaud on 11 Jul 1825 in St-Louis parish in Kamouraska, Quebec.

7. Ozite Plourde married Paschal Emond / Hemond on 19 Sep 1826 in Kamouraska, Quebec in St-Louis parish.

8. Luce Plourde married Edouard Senechal / Lapierre on 8 May 1832 in Kamouraska, Quebec in St-Louis parish.

9. Francois Lagace / Mignier married Eulalie Berube on 14 Feb 1825 in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Quebec. Children from this marriage: + 13 M i. Louis Lagace / Mignier + 14 M ii. Octave Lagace / Mignier + 15 M iii. Charles Lagace / Mignier + 16 M iv. Philip Lagace / Mignier + 17 F v. Eulalie Lagace / Mignier

Francois next married Virginie Dionne on 21 Aug 1866 in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Quebec.

10. Benjamin Lagace / Mignier married Justine Levesque on 2 Mar 1835 in Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec. Children from this marriage:+ 18 F i. Philomene Lagace / Mignier  + 19 F ii. Emma Lagace / Mignier  + 20 F iii. Delvina Lagace / Mignier  + 21 F iv. Thais Lagace / Mignier   + 22 F v. Justine Lagace / Mignier + 23 M vi. Benjamin Lagace / Mignier   + 24 M vii. Augustin Lagace / Mignier

Benjamin next married Emilienne Gagnon/Belles Isles on 12 Feb 1817 in La-Pocatiere, Quebec. A child from this marriage: + 25 M i. Joseph Lagace / Mignier

11. Nazaire Lagace / Mignier married Adele Duguay  Children from this marriage: + 26 M i. Benjamin Lagace / Mignier   + 27 M ii. Narcisse Lagace / Mignier

12. Marie Mignier / Lagace married Joseph Paradis on 20 Feb 1827 in La Pocatiere, Quebec.


13. Louis Lagace / Mignier married Henriette Boucher on 11 Sep 1855 in La-Pocatiere, Quebec.

14. Octave Lagace / Mignier married Emelie Charpentier on 28 Apr 1862 in Notre Dame parish in Montreal, Quebec.

15. Charles Lagace / Mignier married Anastasie Charpentier on 18 Jun 1866 in Notre-Dame parish in Montreal, Quebec.

16. Philip Lagace / Mignier married Malvina Vincent on 28 Sep 1875 in Montreal, Quebec.

17. Eulalie Lagace / Mignier married Edouard Berube on 27 Nov 1849 in La Pocatiere, Quebec.

18. Philomene Lagace / Mignier married Bruno Fortin on 6 Nov 1860 in St-Pacome, Kamouraska, Quebec.

19. Emma Lagace / Mignier married Louis Levesque on 23 Apr 1861 in St-Pacome, Quebec.

20. Delvina Lagace / Mignier Delvina married Louis Trudel in St-Roch parish on 17 Nov 1874 in Quebec City.

21. Thais Lagace / Mignier married Alphonse Jean on 29 Jul 1878 in St-Roch parish in Quebec City.

22. Justine Lagace / Mignier married Isaac Boucher on 22 Jul 1872 in Quebec City.

23. Benjamin Lagace / Mignier II married Cesarie Dionne on 15 Oct 1866 in St-Pacome, Kamouraska, Quebec.

24. Augustin Lagace / Mignier and Malvina were married in St-Vincent-de-Paul parish.

Augustin married Malvina Quentin / Cantin on 4 Nov 1878 in Montreal, Quebec.

25. Joseph Lagace / Mignier married Emilie Michaud on 25 Aug 1847 in St-Patrice parish in Riviere-du-Loup, Temiscouata, Quebec Children from this marriage: + 28 M i. Joseph Lagace / Mignier  + 29 F ii. Lea Lagace / Mignier  + 30 F iii. Marie Lagace / Mignier  + 31 F iv. Emilie Lagace / Mignier  + 32 F v. Zelie Lagace / Mignie+ 33 M vi. Achille Lagace / Mignier

26. Benjamin Lagace / Mignier I married Elizabeth Smith on 22 Nov 1870 in St-Dominique parish in Newport (Perce) Gaspe, Quebec.

27. Narcisse Lagace / Mignier married Elizabeth Cyr on 23 Nov 1869 in St-Dominique parish in Newport, Quebec.


28. Joseph Lagace / Mignier

29. Lea Lagace / Mignier married Joseph Roussel I on 30 Oct 1877 in Trois-Pistoles, Temiscouata, Quebec. Children from this marriage: 34 F i. Leontine Roussel  35 M ii. Leon Roussel  36 F iii. Agathe Roussel  37 M iv. Ismael Roussel  38 M v. Cirice Roussel 39 M vi. Philippe Roussel  40 M vii. Joseph Roussel 41 M viii. Cyprien Roussel 42 F ix. Ernestine Roussel 43 M x. Desire Roussel 44 M xi. Wilfrid Roussel 45 M xii. Antoine Roussel 46 M xiii. Isidore Roussel  47 M xiv. Alphonse Roussel

30. Marie Lagace / Mignier married Jean Baptiste Ouellet on 18 Jan 1876 in St-Simon, Quebec.

31. Emilie Lagace / Mignier married Alfred Gagnon / Belles Isles on 15 Feb 1876 in St-Simon, Quebec. He was the son of Narcisse Gagnon / Belles Isles and Sara McCarthy. Children from this marriage: + 48 F i. Marie des Neiges Gagnon / Belles Isles + 49 F ii. Alphonsine Gagnon / Belles Isles

32. Zelie Lagace / Mignier married Theophile Roussel on 23 Jan 1883 in St-Simon.

33. Achille Lagace / Mignier married Claire Anctil / St Jean18 on 19 Feb 1884 in St-Simon, Quebec. Children from this marriage: + 50 F i. Ernestine Lagace / Mignier  + 51 F ii. Claire Lagace / Mignier  + 52 F iii. Obeline Lagace / Mignier  + 53 M iv. Adelard Lagace / Mignier + 54 F v. Exoree Lagace / + 55 M vi. Emile Lagace / Mignier


48. Marie des Neiges Gagnon / Belles married Prudent Sirois on 6 Sep 1898 in Ste-Francoise, Temiscouata. He was the son of Louis Sirois and Hortance Rioux.

49. Alphonsine Gagnon / Belles Isles married Delphis Sirois on 12 Jul 1904 in Ste-Francoise, Temiscouata, Quebec.

50. Ernestine Lagace / Mignier  married Eugene Bouchard on 28 Jul 1903 in Humqui, (Matapedia)

51. Claire Lagace / Mignier married Wilfrid Blais on 24 Jan 1910 in St-Leon (Rimouski-Neigette).

52. Obeline Lagace / Mignier married Emile Ludger Berube on 11 Oct 1910 in St-Leon-le-Grand (Matapedia).

.53. Adelard Lagace / Mignier married Eugenie Blanchard on 25 Jul 1911 in Causapscal (Bas-St-Laurent) Quebec.

54. Exoree Lagace / Mignier married Leon Onesime Adelard Albert on 17 Oct 1916 in St-Leon, Quebec.

55. Emile Lagace / Mignier married Clara Paquet on 3 Jan 1921 in Humqui, Quebec.


FRANCOIS JEAN LAGACE dit MIGNIER is the last of Basil’s brothers. He married Angelique Leclerc / Francoeur. Here is their descendancy chart.


1. Francois Jean Lagace / Mignier married Angelique Leclerc / Francoeur on 14 Jan 1772 in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere Kamouraska . Children from this marriage: +2 M i. Joseph Lagace / Mignier  +3 M ii.  Francois Lagace / Mignier  + 4 M iii. Alexandre Lagace / Mignier   +5 M iv. Michel Lagace / Mignier  +6 F v. Angelique Lagace / Mignier


2. Joseph Lagace / Mignier married Modeste Pelletier on 24 Jul 1809 in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Kamouraska, Quebec. Children from this marriage:  +7 M i. Joseph Lagace / Mignier   +8 M ii. Henri Lagace / Mignier

3. Francois Lagace / Mignier married Angelique Levesque in 1799 in Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska. Children from this marriage:  +9 F i.  Louise Lagace / Mignier  + 10 M ii. Honore Lagace / Mignier.  + 11 M iii. Thomas Lagace / Mignier.  + 12 M iv. Theotime Lagace / Mignier.  +13 M v. Pierre Lagace / Mignier  + 14 M vi. Alexandre Lagace / Mignier  + 15 M vii. Amable Lagace / Mignier  + 16 F viii. Angelique Lagace / Mignier  + 17 F ix. Marie Lagace / Mignier

4. Alexandre Lagace / Mignier married Adelaide Martin on 3 Mar 1814 in St-Louis parish in  Kamouraska, Quebec.  Children from this marriage:   +18 M i. Guillaume Lagace / Mignier   + 19 F ii. Adelle Lagace / Mignier

5. Michel Lagace / Mignier married Rose Michaud on 1 Mar 1802 in St-Louis parish, Kamouraska, Quebec.  Rose’s parents were Francois Toussaint Michaud and Rose Cote. Child from this marriage was:  +20 M i. Michel Lagace / Mignier

6. Angelique Lagace / Mignier married Joseph Michaud in St-Louis parish on 5 Feb 1810 in Kamouraska, Quebec.


7. Joseph Lagace / Mignier married Philomene Millard on 12 Jan 1857 in L’Isle-Verte (Temiscouata), Quebec. Children from this marriage:  +21 M i. Joseph Lagace / Mignier.  + 22 F ii. Philomene Lagace / Mignier.

8. Henri Lagace / Mignier married Julie Ouellet on 23 Nov 1841 in St-Patrice parish in Riviere-du-Loup (Temiscouata), Quebec.

9. Louise Lagace / Mignier married Etienne Fortin in 1826 in Kamouraska, Quebec.

10. Honore Lagace / Mignier married Leocadie Fortin on 30 Jan 1838 in St-Pascal (Kamouraska ), Quebec.

11. Thomas Lagace / Mignier married Henriette Pelletier on 6 Mar 1848 in St-Pascal  (Kamouraska), Quebec

12. Theotime Lagace / Mignier married Seraphine Pelletier on 18 Sep 1849 in St-Pascal (Kamouraska), Quebec.

13. Pierre Lagace / Mignier married Henriette Pelletier on 11 Feb 1850 in St-Pascal ( Kamouraska), Quebec.  Pierre was apparently also connected with an Emelie Plourde.

14. Alexandre Lagace / Mignier married Adele Landry on 31 Jan 1854 in St-Pascal  (Kamouraska), Quebec.

15. Amable Lagace / Mignier married Christine Pelletier on 28 Feb 1832 in St-Pascal  (Kamouraska)

16. Angelique Lagace / Mignier married Jean Hubert Bouchard in St-Louis parish on 18 Nov 1816 in (Kamouraska), Quebec.

17. Marie Lagace / Mignier married Olivier Masse on 26 Oct 1830 in St-Pascal  (Kamouraska), Quebec.

18. Guillaume Lagace / Mignier married Marguerite Reil on 23 Jul 1839 in Henryville (Iberville), Quebec in St-Georges parish.

19. Adelle Lagace / Mignier married Charles Bourdon in St-Georges parish on 18 Jun 1845 in Henryville (Iberville)  Quebec .

20. Michel Lagace / Mignier married Rose Bouchard in St-Louis parish on 29 Jan 1822 in Kamouraska, Quebec.


21. Joseph Lagace / Mignier married Marie Simard on 25 Feb 1879 in Cacouna (Temiscouata), Quebec. Children from this marriage:  +23 F i. Angelina Lagace / Mignier  + 24 F ii. Marie Lagace / Mignier  + 25 F iii. Odile Lagace / Mignier  + 26 M iv. Felix Lagace / Mignier +27 F v. Emerilda Lagace / Mignier  + 28 F vi. Amanda Lagace / Mignier  + 29 M vii. Alphonse Lagace / Mignier + 30 M viii. Wilfrid Lagace / Mignier + 31 F ix. Pamela Lagace / Mignier 32M x. Joseph Lagace / Mignier  33M xi. Elie Lagace / Mignier13 was born on 7 Apr 1899 in QC CAN9 and died after 1911.

22. Philomene Lagace / Mignier married Georges Pelletier on 18 Feb 1879 in St-Clement (Riviere-du-Loup), Quebec.


23. Angelina Lagace / Mignier married Joseph Theriault on 26 Jan 1900 in St-Cyprien (Temiscouata), Quebec. He was the  son of Joseph Theriault I and Lea Lepage.  Children from this marriage:  +34 F i. Eva Theriault  + 35  M ii. Lucien Theriault  + 36 F iii. Elise Theriault  + 37 F iv. Odile Theriault  38 M v. Hubert Theriault  39 F vi. Angeline Theriault  40 F vii. Louise Theriault

24. Marie Lagace / Mignier married Charles Sirois on 16 Apr 1901 in St-Cyprien (Temiscouata ), Quebec.

25. Odile Lagace / Mignier married Alfred Sirois on 13 Feb 1905 in St-Cyprien (Temiscouata ), Quebec.

26. Felix Lagace / Mignier married Marie Pelletier on 17 Oct 1906 in St-Paul-de-la-Croix (Temiscouata), Quebec. Children from this marriage:  41M i.  Felix Lagace / Mignier 42M ii.  Wilfrid Lagace / Mignier  43 F iii. Rose Lagace / Mignier

27. Emerilda Lagace / Mignier married Theophile Michaud on 2 Mar 1908 in St-Cyprien (Temiscouata ), Quebec.

28. Amanda Lagace / Mignier married Elie Dumont on 9 Jul 1912 in St-Hubert (Temiscouata ), Quebec.

29. Alphonse Lagace / Mignier married Adeline Dumont on 9 Jul 1912 in St-Hubert (Temiscouata) , Quebec.

30. Wilfrid Lagace / Mignier married Blanche Alida Dumont on 30 Jun 1913 in St-Hubert (Temiscouata )

31. Pamela Lagace / Mignier married Wilfrid Dumont on 19 Sep 1916 in St-Cyprien (Temiscouata)


34. Eva Theriault married  Napoleon Caron on 2 Jul 1919 in St-Hubert (Temiscouata ), Quebec.

35. Lucien Theriault married Anna Michaud on 18 Oct 1921 in St-Hubert (Temiscouata)

36. Elise Theriault married Luc Michaud on 27 Feb 1922 in St-Hubert (Temiscouata ), Quebec.  Elise and Luc had 7 children.

37. Odile Theriault married Joseph Lebel on 5 Jan 1925 in St-Hubert (Temiscouata), Quebec.



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Note: This report is a small extract from A Canadian Family Database which holds thousands of Acadian and French-Canadian marriages. If interested you can drop me a line in the Comment Box below.

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  1. Hi, I am a descendent of Pierre Rouleau and was wondering if you have any more information on this family. He married Josette Boucher and their daughter Victore wed Joseph Mignier/Lagace.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kathy (Rouleau) Lynk
    Update from Evelyn:
    Kathy and I are working offline for the moment!
    Kathy has her answers in an Evelyn in Montreal post.


    Comment by Kathy Lynk | March 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. Many names are familiar to me in this geneology. My charts go back to the 1600’s. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this website.


    Comment by Mary Borchardt (Martineau, Auger, Renville) | September 3, 2009 | Reply

  3. Thank you for leaving a message – it’s always encouraging to hear from readers!


    Comment by evelynyvonnetheriault | September 3, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hi Evelyn, I’ve just come across your site and love it! I too am a descendant of this wonderful family. My ggrandfather was Damase Lagace son of Andre Lagace and Domatile Bertrand. Andre was a son of Amable Lagace and Christine Pelletier. I am looking for a death record and possible marriage(s) records for Damase. He was born on 25 May 1883 in Coulonge. He married Rose Mary Beatrice Durocher (dau of Alderic Brien dit Derochers and Marie Francoise Caille dit Jasmin) on 2 July 1912 at Fort Coulonge. Damase and Beatrice went their separate ways sometime around 1920. Have you come across Damase in your research? Any help you can offer is appreciated.

    Reply: http://wp.me/pp92w-koP


    Comment by Sharon Katarincic | September 14, 2017 | Reply

    • Hello,
      Unable to provide you with your specific information but put what I do have here –
      Continuing to look at the Durocher/Desrochers for further clues.
      Good luck with your search,


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | September 14, 2017 | Reply

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