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A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.6)

Our branch of the Acadian Theriaults was one of those that wandered as refugees from the old Acadie to the St-Jean River, then on to various Quebec locations such as Trois-Pistoles and Cap-St-Ignace. Our ancestors Victor Theriault and Julie Thibodeau eventually found a new home in Caraquet, New Brunswick where they became one of the earliest pioneer couples. This is information from the first generation in Gloucester County.


Victor Theriault & Julie Thibodeau

18th Century

(Generation 6)

  • VICTOR THERIAULT was born on November 12th, 1761 in Cap St. Ignace in Montmagny, Quebec.
  • On November 16th, 1789 he married JULIE THIBODEAU, daughter of Pierre Thibodeau and Anne Landry.


GREGOIRE THERIAULT was born about 1797 and died on September 2nd, 1879. His first wife was ELISABETH (Isabelle) BOUDREAU who was born in 1804 and died on January 24th, 1864. Elisabeth’s parents were Sylvain Boudreau and Judith Blanchard. Our direct ancestors GREGOIRE and ELISABETH were married on November 23rd, 1827 and had 11 children. After Elisabeth’s death, GREGOIRE married Domitilde Legere . That marriage took place in Caraquet on March 1st ,1824. Domithilde’s parents were Jean Baptiste Leger and Claire Felicite Robichaud.

Marie Esther Theriault was born on November 25th, 1790 in Caraquet, Gloucester and died on February 16th, 1891 in Bathurst, Gloucester. She was married to Charles Olivier Pitre, son of Michel Pitre (1735) and Marie-Josephe Orillon (1736-1812) in Bathurst on April 28th, 1812. The couple had four children.

Timothee Theriault was born on September 6th, 1792 in Caraquet, Gloucester and died on February 25th, 1818. He never married.

Sophie Theriault was born on October 25th, 1795 in Caraquet. She married Belonie Chamberlain, son of Jean Baptiste Chamberlain and Marie Pitre, on Nov 3rd ,1814 in Bathurst, New Brunswick.

Joachim Theriault was born in 1799 in Caraquet, Gloucester. He married Claire Gauvin on November 21st, 1820 in Caraquet. Claire was the daughter of Charles Gauvin and Madeleine Paulin. She was born in 1802 and died on August 22nd, 1877. The couple had three children.

Marie Theriault was born in 1801 and died on August 21st, 1878. She married Edouard Glasse, son of Olivier Glasse and Genevieve Dubeau, on February 3rd, 1824 in Caraquet.

Julienne Theriault was born in June 1802 in Caraquet and died on February 9th, 1874. She was married to Isidore Thadee Blanchard, son of Desiree Blanchard and Julienne Legere, on October 14th, 1822 in Caraquet.

Tarsile Theriault married Eloi Godin on May 6th, 1828 in Caraquet, Gloucester. Tarsile was born on March 15th, 1808 and died on October 17th, 1829. Her husband was born on September 6th, 1806.

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  1. Is there any date of death for Victor? I am descended from him through my grandmother, and I can’t seem to find any date of death for him.

    Thank you


    Comment by Ramona Chiasson | February 12, 2015 | Reply

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