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Map by W.F. Ganong of Caraquet Area

This map of the area near Caraquet was drawn up by W.F. Ganong

to illustrate his book about the travels of Gamaliel Smethurst.


Caraquet, New Brunswick | historical map


A Narrative of an Extraordinary Escape:
Out of the Hands of the Indians, in the Gulph of St. Lawrence
By Gamaliel Smethurst, William Francis Ganong,
New Brunswick Historical Society



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Historical Document: Theriault, Gregoire, burial, 1879

Gregoire Theriault and his wife Elisabeth Boudreau were our direct ancestors.



On September 4th I buried the body of Gregoire Theriault, husband of the deceased Elisabeth Boudreau, who died on September 2nd at the age of 84 years. Continue reading

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Caraquet, Highway Near Post Office

Grand chemin pres du bureau de poste, Caraquet, N.B.


A Canadian Family Vintage Postcard Collection

Detail: The Cafe Acadien


Detail: Vintage Irving Gas Pump


Reader Jean-Guy Dugas left this message saying (trans.) “This is a rare photo of Caraquet showing the Chateau Albert during the 40s. The chateau burned down around 1955. This is the first time that I’ve seen the Cafe Acadien.”

Original:  “Photo rare de Caraquet avec le chateau Albert – années 40s. Le chateau a brulé vers 1955. Première fois que je vois le Café acadien.”

Merci, Jean-Guy!


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