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Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec is a series of micro-posts listing many of the founding pioneer couples of Quebec – also known as the Habitants of Nouvelle France. This list began with ancestors in my own family tree and then was further developed in response to requests from others I have worked with.

Most recently, I have added links to surnames in the French-Canadian pioneer posts that appear in the extracts from indigenous people, Metis or mixed individuals cited in censusmarriage or other documents.  These serve as starting points for your surname research, however the surnames in the census and marriage records don’t always connect directly to the Quebec French Canadian pioneer lines. For instance, some Western Canadian Metis descend from French people who came up from the United States. Continue reading

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A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.3)

Germain Terriot & Anne Richard

17th Century

(Generation 3)

  • GERMAIN TERRIOT was born in 1662 in Port Royal, Acadie. He married ANNE RICHARD (also of Port Royal) in 1686 at the settlement of Riviere-aux-Canards in Acadia.
  • ANNE RICHARD’s parents were Michel Richard dit Sancoucy and Madeleine Blanchard. Michel Richard had arrived in Acadia about 1652 and had married Madeleine Blanchard about 1656.The couple had nine children besides Marie-Anne herself.
  • GERMAIN TERRIOT died after October 27th, 1730 in Acadie, while ANNE RICHARD died on May 9th, 1745 in Grand Pre. The couple had 13 children.

Our direct ancestor JOSEPH TERRIOT was born between 1695 and 1699 in St-Charles-des-Mines (Acadie) and was dead by the time of the 1761 census. He married MARGUERITE MELANSON (daughter of Jean Melanson and Marguerite Dugas) in St-Charles-des-Mines about 1720. The couple had 13 children all of whom were born in Grand-Pre, Acadia. Joseph and Marguerite were dead by the time of the 1761 census.

Claude Terriot lived from about 1687 to 1730 in Grand-Pre. After marrying Marguerite Cormier about 1710, he and his wife had 11 children. Marguerite’s parents were Francois Cormier and Marguerite Leblanc.

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April m. Desrosiers, Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec | Evelyn in Montreal

Query from Gayle Lambert: 

Looking on info on Pierre April who was married to Emelie Desrosiers in 1895 in St. Antonin, Riviere du Loup, Quebec. He should have born about 1845.

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Caraquet, Les Abords De La Station

Caraquet near the Station


Detail: Dominion Hotel, Caraquet, New Brunswick

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