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April m. Desrosiers, Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec | Evelyn in Montreal

Query from Gayle Lambert: 

Looking on info on Pierre April who was married to Emelie Desrosiers in 1895 in St. Antonin, Riviere du Loup, Quebec. He should have born about 1845.


Pierre April m. Emilie Desrosiers – January 7th, 1895 in St Antonin parish, St Antonin, Riviere du Loup QC CAN

Pierre April m. Eugenie Desrosiers – 27 sep 1887 St Antonin parish, St Antonin, Riviere du Loup QC CAN – Eugenie’s parents were David Desrosiers and Eleo Soucy

Pierre April married Clodia Desrosiers 7 jan 1879 St Antonin, St Antonin, Riviere du Loup QC CAN – Pierre April’s parents were: Georges April & Marie Sarazine Plourde. Clodia Desrosier’s parents were: David Desrosiers & Eleonore Soucy. At the time of their marriage, Pierre April had been previously married to Eugenie Desrosiers. Emilie Desrosiers had previously been married to Pierre Plourde.


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This is one of a series of posts organized under the heading Evelyn in Montreal where I chronicle some of the work I have done with other family historians and genealogists. Some information is original to this site but some has previously appeared at Genforum, Rootsweb and other genealogy boards. I am reproducing them here as those boards are closing down in order to preserve my connections with those family researchers.

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  1. I am looking for information on my grandmother Marie Desrosiers. I have very little to go on in tracing my family. Other than my father and his siblings name and the names of grand parents and my dad’s cousins name on the La Chapelle side. My grandmother’s name and that she died sometime after 1920 in Helena Montana. And name of one relate of hers. Alve Derosier I don’t know there exact connection. My father and his siblings said her name was Marieanne Derosier.
    I’ve started searching more than once for years giving up each time because I was getting know where and frustrated. Last fall I googled La Chapelles in Montana. Found a professor at the University of Montana named Paul La Chapelle. So I emailed him. He didn’t think we were related. He had been researching his family also for years. He gave me a name of someone I might be related to and it turned I was. His name is Alain Lachapelle and is president of the lachapelle assoc… When I sent him what I knew. He said we were of the same line. And that a few years earlier he had written an article in the assoc. Newsletter about my great grand father. He also emailed me a copy of it. The letter gave me nothing on grandmother. And the date she married my grandfather. Or at least that’s what I thought.I was never taught to read or write French. So I and got frustrated trying to translate threw Google and put it up. I got it out recently and started again. As I was going threw the article on great grand father Edmond La Chapelle. I realized what was blew grandmother’s name. Her parents name. They were d’Hippolyte Desrosiers and Delima Lambert. I have no birth date or place. And she married my grandfather on Aptil 4, 1910. Her last child my uncle Arthur was born in 1923. She died in Helena Montana. I have letter from 1920 that she wrote to someone.. In it she is telling the “moms is in Marysville montana and Dan and Phil were in Gould Montana at that time.” That’s pretty much al Ive got. Besides she died of pneumonia.. Had she had five children Bernidette, Herbert, Robert Fredrick, Louise Marie, and Arthur Joseph. If you have any information you could share with me I would be greatful. Or if you can direct me on how or where I can trace both sides further.
    Thank you for your time.
    Robie La Chapelle


    Comment by Roberta La Chapelle | June 17, 2020 | Reply

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