A Canadian Family

Natives, French Canadians & Acadians

Early Pioneers of Gloucester, New Brunswick From The Channel Islands

Pioneers from Jersey/Guernsey, Channel Islands

who settled in Shippegan and Caraquet

and environs


Joshua Alexandre & Mary Jane LeBrocq

Francis Alexandre & Viatrice Robichaud

Charles M. Brien & Marie Blanche Nixon

Jean Butler (Bouthillier) & (1) Anne Benoit & (2) Marguerite Poirier

Tom Cabot & Annie Sutherland

Charles Delagarde & Venerante Robichaud

Perry Dumaresq & Delphine Arseneau

Amice Duval & Esther Rouet

Guillaume Egre (Gray) & Vitalin Paulin

Joseph Galluchon/Duguay & Theodoree Losier

Rene LeBouthillier & Angelique Giraud (maybe!)

John Mourant & (1) Jane Isabella Battam & (2) Marguerite Theriault

John Picot & Adeline Mailloux

Philip Rive & Catherine Lawlor Dwyer

Georges Sivret & Appoline Chiasson

Andrew Travers & Julie Cormier

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Early Acadian Pioneers of Caraquet, New Brunswick

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