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Canadian Carnival of Genealogy

“Pain et Melasse, Cherie!”

Black Sheep and Moonshine


Carnival of Genealogy

“Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays c’est l’hiver …”

Tripping the light fantastic

Carnival of Genealogy 70th Edition – Uncle, Uncle!

Kahnawa:ke – Home of the Haudenosaunee


Smile for the Camera

Smile For The Camera 11th Edition – Brothers & Sisters

Smile For The Camera 12th Edition – The Noble Life

Smile For The Camera 13th Edition – All Creatures Great And Small

Smile for the Camera – Wedding Belles


Postcard Friendship Fridays

Vintage Postcards: A Gaspesian Dog Cart at St. Anne des Monts, P.Q. (1)

Vintage Postcard: An Eskimo Family, Greenland

Vintage Postcard: Spring has sprung!

And many more – see Vintage Postcards Portal







“Celebrate Your Name” Week


Kreativ Blogger Award – What’s the point?


The 99+ Genealogy Things Meme


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