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A Festival of Postcards (2nd Edition) MAIN STREET – Call for Submissions

A Festival of Postcards (2nd Edition) –  Main Street

A Festival of Postcards Logo  https://acanadianfamily.wordpress.com

Wheels  – the premiere issue of A Festival of Postcards was published last week and if you haven’t seen it yet and you love postcards, it’s definitely worth a visit! We had a wonderful selection of vintage and modern postcards from dozens of bloggers from different backgrounds and almost every continent.

Many who took part in the first festival are family historians and genealogists using vintage postcards to enrich their research while others are Postcrossers. Postcrossing is an activity in which bloggers exchange modern postcards (often around a certain theme such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and it seems a great way to bring people around the world closer together. Others Festival participants are beginners or experts in the field of deltiology (the collection and study of postcards). What everyone does share is a love of postcards!

Want to take part in the June issue which is dedicated to MAIN STREET, Anywhere?

Click on the link below for more information


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