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A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.5)

Joseph Terriot II & Marie-Joseph Girouard

18th Century

(Generation 5)

Joseph Terriot II was born in Grand Pre on Sep 4th, 1723 in Grand Pre and died in the winter of 1796/97 in Caraquet, New Brunswick. He is the progenitor of two Theriault branches – one in Maine (USA) and one in New Brunswick (CAN). The Maine branch descends from Joseph and his first wife Angelique Landry.

Our branch at A Canadian Family descends from Joseph and his second wife Marie-Joseph Girouard, who was the daughter of Germain Girouard and Marie Doucet. The Joseph Theriault/Marie-Joseph Girouard marriage took place on June 2nd, 1754 in Riviere-aux-Canards, Acadia.

Children of Joseph (Jean) Theriault and Marie Joseph Girouard

Our direct ancestor Victor Theriault was born on November 12th, 1761 in Cap St. Ignace in Montmagny, Quebec. On November 16th, 1789 he married Julie Thibodeau, daughter of Pierre Thibodeau and Anne Landry. Julie gave birth to eight children between 1797 and 1902 and full information on this family can be found at A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.6)

Jean-Baptiste Theriault lived from about 1757 to 1832. His wife Genevieve Pinet was the daughter of Pierre Pinet and Marie Vienneau. She was about ten years younger than her husband (b. 25 Feb 1769), and her ancestors had also come from Grand Pre. This couple’s children included: Jean Baptiste Theriault (m. Archange Blanchard, 1811), Genevieve Henriette Theriault (m. Pierre Godin, 1807), Fabien Theriault (m. Marie Leger, 1815), Sebastien Theriault (m. Felicite Landry, 1814), Sidefroy (m. Luce Landry), Paul Theriault (m. Marie Fournier, 1820), Etienne Theriault (m. Domitilde Cormier, 1833), Antoine Theriault (m. Madeleine Poirier, abt 1829), and Francois d’Assisi Theriault (m. Judith Dugas, 1833).

Pierre Theriault was born in Trois Pistoles, Quebec in 1759 and lived to the age of 54. His wife Marguerite Pinet lived from April 1773 to June 1854. She had been born in Riviere-St-Jean to Pierre Pinet and Marie Vienneau. Pierre and Marguerite’s children included: Pierre Theriault (m. Marguerite Hache/Ache/Gallant, 1812), Joseph Theriault (m. Petronille Hache/Ache/Gallant, 1822), Olive Theriault (Ambroise Cormier, 1813), Francoise Theriault (Armand Dugas, 1813), Firmin Augustin Theriault (m. Mathilde Hache/Ache/Gallant, 1821), Marguerite Theriault (m. Firmin Leger, 1824), Genevieve Theriault (m. Jean Baptiste Godin, 1821), Prudente Theriault (m. Andre Hache/Ache/Gallant, 1823), Rose Theriault (m. Antoine Landry, 1827), Colette Theriault, Ursule Theriault, Jean Baptiste Theriault (m. Luce Boudreau/Boudrot).

Marie Anne Theriault was born on February 15th in Cap-St-Ignace, Quebec.

Charles Theriault was born in 1765 and lived only two years.

Rosalie Theriault was born on September 28th, 1767 in Nashwaak, York, New Brunswick. She later married Jean-Baptiste Godin, son of Jean Baptiste Godin/Gaudin and Angelique Bergeron.

Francois Theriault was born in 1771 in Riviere St Jean, Ecoupahaq and died on June 13th, 1865. On June 20th, 1795 he married Scholastique Hache/Ache/Gallant in Caraquet, Gloucester, New Brunswick. Scholastique was born about 1775 and was the daughter of Rene Hache and Marguerite Blanchard. Their children included: Hilarion Theriault (m. Marie Landry, 1819), Benjamin Theriault (m. Petronille Robichaud, 1822), Jean Baptiste Theriault (m. Genevieve Pinet, 1825), Appoline Theriault (m. Allain Landry, 1825), Marguerite Theriault (m. Joseph Leger, 1828), Edouard Theriault (m. Marie Dugas, 1828), Elisabeth Theriault (m. Moise Vienneau, 1834), Joseph Theriault (Nathalie Landry, 1831).

Marguerite Theriault married Pierre Doucet, son of Pierre Doucet and Marie Hache, on April 4th, 1796. She was born in 1777 and died on June 11th, 1819 in Bathrust, Gloucester.

Firmin Theriault was born about 1779. He married Anastasie Dugas who had been born October 8th, 1779 in Carleton, Quebec and who died on April 14th, 1827. Her parents were Joseph Dugas and Agathe Landry. Firmin and Anastasie’s children included: Nicollette Theriault (m. Edouard Poirier, 1828), Tranquil Aime Theriault (m. Julie Briedau, 1834), Prudente Theriault (m. Theodore Gionet, 1838), Sara Theriault (m. Joseph Pinet, 1840), Antoinette Theriault (m. Prospere Hache/Ache/Gallant) and Rosalie Theriault (m. Jean Baptiste Poirier).

Surname Var.: Theriau, Theriault, Therriault, Tarrio, Terrio

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  1. Hello. My name is Erika Girouard. I live in Louisiana along with many other Girouards. I am a decendant of Germain Girouard. I am tracing my family history and thought i’d say hello considering this family is a part of my family tree as well 🙂


    Comment by Erika Girouard | March 29, 2010 | Reply

    • How did you trace you family history? My Family came from Quebec.


      Comment by William Lambert Theriault | January 12, 2017 | Reply

      • Hello,
        I traced my Theriault history over several decades and in many ways. When I started I used records in local churches and at the LDS libraries. Then I corresponded with genealogists and finally online 🙂
        If you are looking for advice then you need to start with your generation and work your way up.
        If you’d like assistance then I’m happy to help.


        Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | February 2, 2017 | Reply

  2. Joseph R. Theriault Jr., son of Joseph Teriot and Angelique Landry, moved to Green River, Madawaska, New Brunswick, in the parish of St-Basile. The next several generations populated both sides of the St. John.


    Comment by Steven Vance | July 11, 2012 | Reply

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