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Evelyn in Montreal: Bruneau m. Belanger, Lotbiniere, Quebec

Art Landymore had asked me for information about the ascendants of Paula Bruneau of Melville, Sask. P. Bruneau’s father was George(s) Bruneau (Quebec) who had married Marie Louise Lamoureux (Quebec).


Georges Bruneau, son of Georges Bruneau and Adelaide Belanger
Marie-Louise Lamoureux, daughter of Alcibiade Lamoureux and Almira Senecal
Date: 22 May 1905
Parish: St. Damien
Place: Bedford, Missisiqoi, Quebec, Canada

Georges Bruneau, son of Hubert Bruneau and Marguerite Turgeon
Adelaide Belanger, daughter of Louis Belanger and Marie Pageot
Date: 8 Feb 1875
Place: St. Sylvestre, Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada

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