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Grand anse general view

A few years ago I spent some time touring many of the cemeteries of Gloucester Country, New Brunswick and now I’m ready to share my photographs with those of you who have an interest in the Acadians of the Caraquet area, but who can’t make it up there yourselves!

Updated: 12 Feb 2011


Grande anse angel

Aube,  Agnes 1923

Bertin Ida, 1980

Blanchard, Elmina

Boudreau, Laurette –  1959

Doucet, Joseph R. Priest, 1909

Dugas, Christine 1938

Degruchy, Marie 1958

Dumas, Philomene  1942

Godin, Marie,  1944

Godin Philomene, 1951

Gauvin, Helene 1952

Landry Adelard H., 1979

Landry Guillaume 1973

Legresley,  Elisabeth 1977

Mazerolle, Marguerite 1950(?)

McGraw Richard, 1962

Melanson, Elizabeth 1943

Pinet, Gertrude 1938

Sisk, Daniel J.

Theriault Adelard, 1969

Theriault, Antoine 1949

Theriault, Archange 1946

Theriault, Delia, 1980

Theriault, Dominique, 1933

Theriault Edmond, 1908

Theriault, Emelie 1932

Theriault,  Emma 1953

Theriault, Eustache, 1956

Theriault, Frederic S.

Theriault, George  1921(?)

Theriault Irenee, 1939

Theriault,Israel  1939

Theriault Joseph P

Theriault Madeline, 1962

Theriault Madeleine 1963

Theriault, Marie Priscille, 1947

Theriault, Marie  1956

Theriault, Malvina

Theriault, Nicolas 1953

Theriault, Patrice

Theriault, Rebecca

Theriault, Sarah-Anne, 196(7?)

Theriault Simon D, 1962 (?)

Theriault, Stanislas 1939

Theriault,  Sylvestre 1915

Theriault Tharzile, 1948

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August 14, 2009 - Posted by | . |


  1. I am trying to get information on my paternal grandparens. They came to Niagara Fallfs, N.Y.about 1928. They are from Grande Anse N.B. Their nmes are William Godin and Valerie Pinot? Do you have any information on these families?


    Comment by Valerie St John | October 31, 2009 | Reply

    • Greetings,
      The name Pinet/Pinette is more common in that area. Is there a possibility that they could be this couple^
      William Godin and Valerie Pinette
      married on May 14th, 1907 in Gloucester.
      If you are not sure, it would be helpful to have the names of any of their children – especially if born in New Brunswick.
      Evelyn in Montreal


      Comment by evelynyvonnetheriault | October 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. My GrandMother Lucille Savoie was born in Saint Simon 1894- 1958. Her mother was Rose Dorion. Her GrandFather was Agapit Dorion and her great GrandFather was Jean Baptiste Dorion . Great Grand Mother was Rose Lebouthillier.
    I would like to know if there is a book of the family tree wich could be purchased.
    Allister LeBreton


    Comment by Allister LeBreton | March 19, 2011 | Reply

  3. Bonjour, I was wondering if there is an older cemetery in Grand-Anse.. I cannot find anywhere the graves of the pioneers of Grand-Anse, like Simon Landry and many Theriault who should be buried in Grand-Anse before 1880. I know that the Church burnt in 1890 but that does not explain the missing of graves. Also I am surprised to learn that all vital records were lost in that fire. Should there be a copy at the Diocese of Bathurst or Caraquet?? Nice talking to you
    Ginette Eastern Townships


    Comment by Ginette | January 21, 2015 | Reply

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