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French Canadian Pioneers: The Bouchers of Quebec

Pierre Boucher / Grosbois /  Boucherville| Marie-Madeleine Ouébadinourkoué dite Chrétienne

January 17th, 1649, Trois-Rivieres


Francois Boucher / Vin d’Espagne | Anne Lepine

April 21st, 1664, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. -]

Francois Boucher | Florence Gareman

September 3rd, 1641, Quebec (Notre-Dame)


Gaspard, Boucher | Nicole Lemaire

about 1619, Mamers (Sarthe)

[Occ. carpenter]

Jean Baptiste Boucher | Marie-Marthe Gamache

April 23rd, 1743

Jean-Galleran Boucher | Marie Clerc

October 10th, 1661, Chateau-Richer


Louis Boucher | Marie Meille

February 9th, 1660, Loix (Ste-Catherine)


Marin Boucher | Julienne Baril

February 7th, 1611, Chateau-Richer


Jacques Boucher /Bouchet / Saint-Amour | Marie-Renee Averty dit Laverti

June 16th, 1709, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. Mason and stone-cutter]

Thomas Ayotte/Hayot | Jeanne Boucher

July 15th, 1629, Mortagne-au-Perche)

Urbain  Beaudry dit Lamarche| Madeleine Boucher

November 18th, 1647, Trois Rivieres

Toussaint Toupin dit  Dussault| Marguerite Boucher

December 25th,1645, Trois-Rivieres

Etienne Lafond | Marie Boucher

January 30th, 1645, Quebec (Notre-Dame)


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