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Alyward/Alward/Alyward/Elward – Some Elwards from Ireland to Michigan via Shippegan

Index: Lameque, Miscou and Shippegan

Vic Elward came across my Irish Aylwards of Shippagan article while working on his family genealogy so we’ve been working behind the scenes to document the link between his Michigan Elwards and the Irish Aylwards of Shippegan. In this post we’re sharing a few genealogical notes that connect Elward’s family to the Aylwards through Patrick Aylward/Elward and Celina Landry.

LamequeGuillaume William Aylward, son of John Aylward and Virginie Duguay, was born in 1861 in Shippagan Gloucester. (see link above for previous generations). Guillaume married Marthe Mailloux on 5 Nov 1888 in Gloucester County (New Brunswick).  Marthe was born in 1864 in Gloucester and died after 1911.

These Aylwards can be found in the 1901/1911 Shippegan census. In 1901 Guillaume’s parents John Aylward & Virginie Duguay were living with him – though by 1911 John had passed away and only Virginie remained. Their 1911 household was quite large because in addition to Guillaume & Marthe and their children, and his mother Virginie, there was also Guillaume’s sister Adonise Aylward and her husband Honore Duguay and two children Pierre and Abbe.

Four generations of Aylwards in one house!

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Offspring of John Aylward and Virginie Duguay

Alma Aylward was born in the early 1890s in Shippagan. Alma married Chiasson Tranquille on 24 Jun 1912 in the county of Gloucester (New Brunswick, Canada).

Cecilia/Cecile Aylward was born on 6 Dec 1894 in Shippagan.

Romaine Aylward was born in 1900 in Shippagan. Romaine married Alexandre Roussel on 19 Jul 1915 in Gloucester County. Continue reading

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The First Dunns of Riviere-au-Renard (Little Fox River)

A few weeks ago M. Alain Dunn saw my vintage postcard of  Little Fox River/Petite Riviere-au-RenardHe left a comment telling us – among other things – that two of the people on the vintage postcard were from his  Dunn family of Riviere-au-RenardToday I’m sharing a little  genealogical information about the children of John Dunn and Madeline Page – pioneering Dunns of Riviere-au-Renard.


Offspring of John Dunn and Madeline Page Continue reading

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