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Lagace Homestead in 1950s Bathurst, New Brunswick: Home Sweet Home

The theme of the September Canadian Carnival of Genealogy is Home Sweet Home, so I thought this would be the perfect occasion to share a black and white photograph of my mother’s childhood home near Bathurst, New Brunswick.

Lagace Homestead BathurstMy maternal grandparents Adelard Lagace and Eveline Melvine Luce had 14 children in that house:  7 boys (Cleophas Clifford, Patrice Alderic,  V.J.L., D.L., R.L., A.L. and Adelard “Sonny” Lagace) and 7 girls (my mother G.L., Bertha,, .L., M.L., B.L., L.L. and Lorraine). After my grandfather’s death in 1959, my grandmother headed to Montreal with her threee youngest children.

Eveline Luce was following in the footsteps of her older children and many other New Brunswickers who had formed a large Acadian community in the heart of Verdun, Quebec. The Lagaces are actually of Quebec French Canadian stock but those who settled in the Bathurst area intermarried over many generations with Acadians and many of their descendants identify with the Acadian community.

Nowadays, the Duggars are featured on their own television show for having 14 children! What a change in attitude in only 2 generations from big families as the norm to big families as objects of fascination!

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  1. Bonjours Evelyn, est t’il possible que cette maison ne soit pas détruite?
    je croit l’avoir vu a bathurst près de Salmond beach, elle est abandonner et ils on construit une maison derrière celle ci!
    Je t’envois la photo par mail.


    Comment by Sylvain Lagacé | July 16, 2011 | Reply

  2. C’est possible, Sylvain. Je pense que c’est Donald qui avait dit qu’elle etait detruite parce’qu il y avait des nouvelles maisons – mais peut’etre elle etait quand meme la.
    Je pars dans quelques minutes pour quelques jours de camping.
    Au revoir –


    Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | July 17, 2011 | Reply

  3. Sorry to intrude on this thread…
    It is a real challenge to reach you via the comment posting.
    The page disappears unless I turn off Javascript.
    I have to resort to some real trickery to get my email info & name into the field below.
    For anyone who can help describe how to overcome the problem please contact me: pouliot@mailcity.com


    Comment by Raymond Pouliot | February 7, 2013 | Reply

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