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10 day alert!!! Calling All Acadians/French-Canadians Within Reach of Manchester, New Hampshire

In case you’re new to American/Acadian/French-Canadian  genealogical research, I wanted to mention that the

American-Canadian Genealogical Society

is having its Fall Conference next Saturday, September 26th, 2009.

I’m in Montreal and have never been able to make it down there,  but the calibre of speakers tells me it must be a great event!

The first I’d like to mention is my friend Lucie LeBlanc Consentino (Acadian Ancestral Home) who will speak on “Who Were The Acadians? Where Did They Resettle Post Exile? Does DNA or mtDNA Help To Prove Their Origins?”.

The second is  Peter J. Gagne (originally of Connecticut, but now living in Quebec) a professional historian, archivist and published author who will be speaking about “Les Filles a Marier”.

Last, but not least, is professional genealogist Melinde Lutz Sanborn. She’s editor/co-editor of several genealogical publications and will be speaking on the topic of “Forensic Genealogy”.

More information at:

Acadian Ancestral Home: ACGS Fall Conference September 26th

ACGS: Conferences & Workshops


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Gauvin, Theriault | St. Simon & St. Jude

Index: St. Simon & St. Jude – Grande Anse

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St.Simon & St.Jude Cemetery – Grande Anse, New Brunswick | Gauvin, Theriault


Helene Gauvin

1877 – 1952



This MIGHT be the Helene Gauvin who married Henri C. Theriault on September 17th, 1912 in Gloucester County (RS141B7 Index, Number 3454, Reference B4/1912, Microfilm F15949)



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