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A Ouellette Line: Rene Ouellette & Anne Rivet (Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec)

Jean Lipscomb left the following message in a Comment Box:

“I have not had much time to spend on genealogy, but I am still looking for information on Ouellette from Riviere-Ouelle.  My grandfather was Alphonse Ouellette who married Alma Plourde.  My last contact was with Rene Ouellette and Celou(?)Ouellette in the late 60’s in Riverie=Ouelle.  My relatives are all deceased, so it has been difficult to gather any information.”





1. Rene Ouellette.   Rene Ouellette married Anne Rivet on 8 Mar 1666 in Quebec City (Capitale-Nationale, Quebec) Anne’s first husband was Gregoire Hisse.(Notarial contract:Jeanneau,E). Rene’s  parents were Francois Ouellet and Isabelle Bare.


2. Gregoire Ouellette.   Gregoire Ouellette married Madeleine Dube in 1716 in Kamouraska (Bas-St-Laurent Quebec). Madeleine’s parents were Mathurin Dube and Marie Campion. Her first husband had been Jean Dechenne. Gregoire’s first wife had been Anne Lizotte.

3. Gregoire Ouellette.   Gregoire Ouellette married Genevieve Berube on 16 Aug 1740 in Riviere-Ouelle in Notre-Dame-de-Liesse Church (see Riviere-Ouelle Church: The Old and the New). Her parents were Pierre Berube and Genevieve Dancause.


4. Francois Ouellette.  Francois Ouellette married Angelique Boucher on 19 Nov 1770 in Riviere-Ouelle. Angelique’s parents were Pierre Boucher and Catherine Lizotte.


5. Francois Ouellette.   Francois Ouellette and Angelique Gagnon were married in Notre-Dame-de-Liesse parish on October 16th, 1811 in Riviere-Ouelle. Her parents were Alexis Gagnon and Catherine Ouellet.  Note: Francois had been previously married to Marie David (29 Oct 1804 in St-Roch-des-Aulnaies L’Islet Chaudiere-Appalaches) Marie’s parents were Charles David and Rosalie Desmeules.


6. Francois Ouellette   Francois Ouellette married Lucie Belanger in St-Roch parish on 20 Jul 1842 in St-Roch-des-Aulnaies (L’Islet Chaudiere-Appalaches Quebec). Lucie’s parents were Jean Belanger and Lucie Caron.


7. Joseph Ouellette   Joseph Ouellette married Caroline Perreault on 27 Jun 1870 in St-Pacome (Kamouraska). Caroline’s parents were Pierre Perreault and Marcelline Pelletier.


8. Alphonse Ouellette   Alphonse Ouellette and Alma Plourde were married in Notre-Dame-de-Liesse parish on 1 Sep 1908 in Riviere-Ouelle. Alma’s parents were Alfred Plourde and Malvina Lebel.




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  1. Are you related to the Cook, Rogers, Lameres of Vermont? I am looking for Sandi Montagna


    Comment by Marge | March 1, 2010 | Reply

    • Sorry, I am not related to Cook, Rogers, Lameres of Vermont.

      I wish I had information for you.


      Comment by Jean | March 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. Are you related to the Ouellette / Drouillard family in Michigan? Many thanks, jeane


    Comment by Jean Saller | December 22, 2017 | Reply

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