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Desperately Seeking Elizabeth (2)

I’m writing this series for my immediate family so that they can see some of the process I follow when I research our family tree, but if you’re interested in the Doucets of northern New Brunswick – or if you know something about my Elizabeth – I’d be delighted to hear from you in the Comment Box below.

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In my first post I described how I had reached a brickwall with one of my great-grandmothers Elizabeth Doucet. I had confirmed her 1894 marriage to my great-grandfather Joseph Lagace dit Mignier with several secondary and tertiary sources  but I still didn’t know who her parents were. One thing I did know (through family lore) was that my Doucets were from one of the old founding families of Acadia – but I couldn’t seem to connect to any specific line.

In fact, the first Doucet in Acadie was Germain Doucet, son of the French Sieur de la Verdure. He arrived in Acadia in 1632 with commander De Razilly and held various important posts including eventually Commander of Port Royal. It’s been quite frustrating to know where our line begins, but not to be able to make the definitive link!

My partial breakthrough came when I was able to access the original marriage record of my maternal great-grandparents Joseph Lagace and Elizabeth Doucet. It confirms the marriage date of June 26th, 1894 at the Mission in Gloucester, New Brunswick.  They were married by Father W.E. Sormany in front of Jerome Daigle and Mary Jane Lagace. Unlike just about every marriage record I’ve ever found, this one doesn’t have the parents listed!

Lagace m. Doucet http:acanadianfamily.wordpress.com

However, using information from this and other documents plus census data, I was able to compile a list of all the Elizabeths born in that region in that period of time. Through a process of elimination I was able to determine that Elisabeth was likely  the daughter of a certain Alexandre and Marie Doucet of Beresford.

And  this is where I hit my brickwall as I had no way of  confirming that I had the right Elizabeth – nor did I know how to establish her mother Marie Doucet’s actual maiden name.

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