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Francois-Xavier Kaneraktatie Delisle & Marie-Anne Kakwirahes Leborgne of Kahnawake | Series: Familes of Caughnawaga

Crystal Anifantis – a Delisle descendant – left this message in a comment box yesterday-

“I am trying to find information on my Great Grandparents.  The were born 100% Mohawk Indian on the Kahnawake reservation in Canada in the early 1900, my Grandmother’s name was Cecila Deer (died in the 1930’s) and my grandfather’s name was Angus Delisle, they had 6 children together: Ralph (deceased), Irene (deceased), Ester, Betty, Josephine (my grandmother DOB: 4/18/1933) and Loyd (all their last names was Delisle).  Any information on my grandparents sibling and grandparents’ parents would be a start or their dates of birth and date of death would help me.” 

This was one of the toughest searches I’ve done in awhile! As always there is the challenge of the combined Native and European surnames – and the fact that with the Iroquois naming pattern names  mutate through the generations. Added to this, the Ancestry.com records are frequently incomplete or mispelled. My breakthrough came with the birth certificate above, when I was able to find the marriage certificate of Mike Delisle and Mary Norton at the Centre Genealogique. From this I was able to extend this  family tree by one more generation. Other information is being shared privately with C. Anifantis.

Information 1


Francois-Xavier Kaneraktatie Delisle (son of Michel Tehowenkarakwen) was born on 1 Jan 1867 in Caughnawaga. Francois-Xavier married Marie-Anne (aka Mary Anne) Kakwirahes Leborgne on 13 Feb 1893 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec. Marie Anne’s parents were Moise Tesokwen Leborgne (son of Louis Skanenrati Leborgne and Marie-Anne Kakwirahes Kelly) and Odile Rufiange Champagne (daughter of Olivier Rugiange Champagne and Sophie Laberge). Marie was born on 1 Nov 1876 in Caughnawaga and died after 1911.

Children from this marriage according to 1901/1911 census

+ 2 M i. Ignace/Angus Delisle was born on 2 Feb 1893 in Kahnawake (Laprairie, Quebec).  3 F ii. Anna Delisle was born on 1 Nov 1896 in Kahnawake.   4 F iii. Marie Delisle was born on 1 Nov 1897 in Kahnawake. 5 F iv. Josephine Delisle was born on 4 Jul 1900 in Kahnawake.  6 M v. Michel Delisle was born in Feb 1903 in Kahnawake.  7 M vi. Joseph Delisle was born in Nov 1908 in Kahnawake. Continue reading

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Index: Montreal In The Time Of Tramways

Milano, Piazza del DuomoWhat can I say –  I love trams!  My husband and I lived in Milano during the 1970s and that city is crisscrossed by a thick network of train, subway, bus and tram lines. Given the choice I would always jump on one of the trams. There were traditional streetcars but also newly introduced articulated streetcars that had a sleeker, modern look and could accommodate many more people. But either way, trams were always more comfortable than buses. When I was a little girl growing up during the 1950s my hometown of Montreal still had streetcars, but as that decade closed so did the history of streetcars in Montreal. Continue reading

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Post Office & Bank of Montreal in 1907 | Montreal In The Time Of Tramways


Vintage Retro Montreal | Vintage postcard of "Post Office and Bank of Montreal" | Montreal's business district - early 20th century


This is a vintage postcard of the Montreal Post Office and the Bank of Montreal in the first decade of the twentieth century. It was established in 1817 as Canada’s first bank and initially served the British territory of Upper and Lower Canada. At the time Toronto – which is now Canada’s financial capital – was called York, and Montreal was the most important city in Canada. One of the first things they did was to introduce a local currency. After Canadian confederation in 1867 and the gradual addition of new provinces, the Bank of Montreal grew to include branches cross-Canada.


Enlarged Detail of Tram and horse-drawn carriage.


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