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Francois-Xavier Kaneraktatie Delisle & Marie-Anne Kakwirahes Leborgne of Kahnawake | Series: Familes of Caughnawaga

Crystal Anifantis – a Delisle descendant – left this message in a comment box yesterday-

“I am trying to find information on my Great Grandparents.  The were born 100% Mohawk Indian on the Kahnawake reservation in Canada in the early 1900, my Grandmother’s name was Cecila Deer (died in the 1930’s) and my grandfather’s name was Angus Delisle, they had 6 children together: Ralph (deceased), Irene (deceased), Ester, Betty, Josephine (my grandmother DOB: 4/18/1933) and Loyd (all their last names was Delisle).  Any information on my grandparents sibling and grandparents’ parents would be a start or their dates of birth and date of death would help me.” 

This was one of the toughest searches I’ve done in awhile! As always there is the challenge of the combined Native and European surnames – and the fact that with the Iroquois naming pattern names  mutate through the generations. Added to this, the Ancestry.com records are frequently incomplete or mispelled. My breakthrough came with the birth certificate above, when I was able to find the marriage certificate of Mike Delisle and Mary Norton at the Centre Genealogique. From this I was able to extend this  family tree by one more generation. Other information is being shared privately with C. Anifantis.

Information 1


Francois-Xavier Kaneraktatie Delisle (son of Michel Tehowenkarakwen) was born on 1 Jan 1867 in Caughnawaga. Francois-Xavier married Marie-Anne (aka Mary Anne) Kakwirahes Leborgne on 13 Feb 1893 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec. Marie Anne’s parents were Moise Tesokwen Leborgne (son of Louis Skanenrati Leborgne and Marie-Anne Kakwirahes Kelly) and Odile Rufiange Champagne (daughter of Olivier Rugiange Champagne and Sophie Laberge). Marie was born on 1 Nov 1876 in Caughnawaga and died after 1911.

Children from this marriage according to 1901/1911 census

+ 2 M i. Ignace/Angus Delisle was born on 2 Feb 1893 in Kahnawake (Laprairie, Quebec).  3 F ii. Anna Delisle was born on 1 Nov 1896 in Kahnawake.   4 F iii. Marie Delisle was born on 1 Nov 1897 in Kahnawake. 5 F iv. Josephine Delisle was born on 4 Jul 1900 in Kahnawake.  6 M v. Michel Delisle was born in Feb 1903 in Kahnawake.  7 M vi. Joseph Delisle was born in Nov 1908 in Kahnawake.



Ignace/Angus Delisle (Francois-Xavier Kaneraktatie 1) was born on 2 Feb 1893 in Kahnawake. He  married Cecila Deer. She died after 1933.

Children from this marriage were:

8M i. Ignace (Angus) Walter Ralph Delisle 14 Mar 1932  9 F ii. Irene Delisle.  10 F iii. Ester Delisle.  11F iv. Betty Delisle.  12F v. Josephine Delisle ( born on 18 Apr 1933). 13M vi. Lloyd Delisle.


Crystal Anifantis, Ancestry.com, Canada Census 1911., Canada Census 1901.,

Le Centre de généalogie francophone d’Amérique.


Information 2

E.J. Devine , in his book  Historic Caughnawaga discusses the fact that many Iroquois captives – when given the chance – did want to return to their original society. One of these captives was a certain James Delisle who became the forefather of the Kahnawake Delisles.

“The English prisoner Delisle,” wrote Sieur Douville, commandant at Caughnawaga in 1750, in a letter addressed to the governor-general, “came to see me to tell me that I may have the honour of informing you that he does not wish to return home; that when he told the English he would go he had not sufficiently reflected. His father is no longer alive and the laws of his country are such that the one who has to be ransomed on borrowed money is boimd down to work until he pays back the amount; that he preferred being a slave among the Indians rather than live among his own people where there is no religion.” ‘ He, therefore, decided to remain with the Indians by whom he was well treated…….” 1.This voluntary exile, James Delisle, is presumably the ancestor of a numerous posterity at Caughnawaga. — Caughnawaga Archives.

 Information 3

While researching Shawlee Canadien’s ancestors Jean Baptiste Raientonni Canadien & Malvina McComber  I came across the fascinating story of the men from Kahnawake who accompanied a Colonel Wolseley to Egypt to rescue Major-General Charles George Gordon from Khartoum. More than fifty Kahnawake men were invited because of their great skill in navigating the Rapids, a skill which would be needed to navigate the cataracts along  the Nile river. There was an F. Delisle along on that trip. I know this because he was granted an Egyptian Medal by Queen Victoria. Of course I don’t know if this is a direct ancestor of C. Anifantis, but he would seem to be from your extended family!


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Do you have information on the Kahnawake Delisles ? If you’d like to share it with me – or if you prefer to work privately with  Crystal Anifantis, then just drop me a line in the Comment Box below!

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  1. Hey i am from kahnawake so if you need info on anything just ask maybe i can find someone that knows these things. i would be glad to help thanks.


    Comment by Myles McComber | October 25, 2010 | Reply

    • Kwe Myles

      do you have a private e-mail I can send you my family tree info. on to obtain any info. you could help me with.

      Kelly Karonhienha’:wi DeLisle


      Comment by Kelly Karonhienha':wi DeLisle | December 2, 2010 | Reply

    • ei am a desendent of angus rice b 1787 also Paul DelaRonde & Marie Konatiesa my dads grt was piere Rice B1814 his first wife was kaniserentha Picard second wife was Kanorwashon DeLaRond born 1844 his third wife was Jacobs b1834 my grandfather was Israel rice born 1870 he married Mary ann Stuart b1875 they had 11 children which one of them was my dad arthur rice born dec 24 1910 i beleive we are related to the Mccomber this is what my dad told us also the staceys a jacobs judy rice e mail rgt1@shaw.ca


      Comment by judy rice | December 2, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi my name is sherrie cassibo my memer was maryann delisle and she married my moms dad first name not sure of but a godard
      maryann delisle had 9 children one of them was my mom cecile godard i,m trying to find out more history on these sides of the family
      thank you

      Note from Evelyn: Answering privately.


      Comment by sherrie cassibo | March 6, 2011 | Reply

  2. Kwe Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

    You have a great website my friend. I am starting a blog as well as a family tree website for my family members only and would love to add some of the info. from this site to it.

    Would that be okay, with the copywrite page you have added…I do not want to use anything without your permission.

    I also would love any info. you are able to obtain for me on my family tree and would love to send you what I currently have in private.

    Please let me know what e-mail I can mail you @.



    Comment by Kelly Karonhienha':wi DeLisle | December 2, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi my name is Kevin Barrett, hope you guys and girls can help. My grandmother is Cecelia Phillips born 1890, born in Caughnawaga, married John William Barrett born 1893.
    Her parent are which i think is Joseph Phillips born 1857 and Helene Rinfret born 1860.
    Not sure who his parents were but her parents suppose to be,
    Marie Kanatakatsion Atsiaktatie Rinfret-Alfred (born Konwesaki Anatakarias Stacey)
    married Francois Xavier Kanatakatsion Atsiakatie Rinfret-Alfred. Now her parents
    suppose to be.
    Thomas Anatakarias Stacey Born 1804 in Caughnawags and
    Anne Onwentsiaiashon Monique Anatakaris Stacey (born Kentarontie) born 1807.
    I know it can be confusing with the but any help will fully appreciated.


    Comment by Kevin Barrett | January 24, 2020 | Reply

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