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Milano, Piazza del DuomoWhat can I say –  I love trams!  My husband and I lived in Milano during the 1970s and that city is crisscrossed by a thick network of train, subway, bus and tram lines. Given the choice I would always jump on one of the trams. There were traditional streetcars but also newly introduced articulated streetcars that had a sleeker, modern look and could accommodate many more people. But either way, trams were always more comfortable than buses. When I was a little girl growing up during the 1950s my hometown of Montreal still had streetcars, but as that decade closed so did the history of streetcars in Montreal.

 Back to the future – plans for Montreal’s public transit system .   There are plans afoot to return Windsor Station to its original use as a train station and have it serve as  a nexus for Montreal’s existing bus and subway system. But what’s really exciting for streetcar fans, is that there is also an ambitious plan to bring back Montreal’s tramway system. Will this really happen? ¢

No one seems to question that streetcars are a greener alternative than other modes of city transport but there are some arguments against trams. For instance, tramway systems are expensive to build and there’s bound to be extensive traffic problems during the building period! If you want to know more about this, I suggest you read Andy Riga’s Montreal Gazette feature on the pros and cons of tramways (edit: now behind a paywall)  and show how they could fit into Montreal’s regional system.


Vintage Postcard Views of  Montreal Trams



Montreal Trams


The Seville Theatre


Dominion Square


Old La Presse Bldg./St.Catherine


Harry Houdini And The Princess


Place Viger (train station & hotel)


Post Office & Bank of Montreal


Trams From City Hall Tower


Montreal Street Railway Company & Bank of Montreal


Early 20th Century View of St. Catherine Street




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Historic Images

Montreal 1850-1896: The Industrial City | McCord Museum

The Montreal Streetcar and Trolley Bus Photo Gallery

URBANPHOTO Some of the relatively modern (50s era) tramways

URBANPHOTO: Contemporary Images of Montreal (see Themed Photos: Public Transport)


Opinion Pieces

Jacob Larsen (Spacing Montreal) on the advisability of the new viaduct

Yonah Freeman (The Transport Politic) provides details & links to tramway project

James Lawlor (Transport in Montreal) discusses trolly buses vs. trams



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