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Paquette m. Brule, 1877 | Evelyn in Montreal

Earlier today Michele Martin was saying  “My g-grandfather, Joseph Guillame PAQUETTE married Marie Brule in 1877 in St. Andre Avelin, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The marriage record says he was from Kantucky. Obviously, this is incorrect. While I have been looking at your site, I noticed that you refer to Kahnawake. I know I have quite a bit of Aboriginal blood and was wondering if any documents still exist that could be referenced for his birth in 1854, and if there is a website. I know it is a reach, but I have had no luck with him at all.”

Information 1 – Confirmation Marriage

The BMS2000 Index (not original document) gives this information for the Paquette/Brule marriage: Joseph Guillaume Paquette (son of Charles Paquette and Marie Periard) married Marie Brule (daughter of Joseph Brule and Angelique Dubreuil) on October 16th, 1877 in St-Joseph Parish in Ottawa. A notation says: spouses from Ste-Anne, Ottawa.

Ancestry.com adds that “Marie Brule was born in St-Andre Avelin about 1851. J.Paquette was born about 1853 in Kentucky Hansbury“.

Information 2  – Perillards in Oka (native territory – see also 1901 census)

323. Jos. Perillard, Indian Agent at Oka, Quebec, wrote to the Secretary of Indian Affairs, on January 2,1907, requesting a hunting permit for an Indian of his Agency who had been prevented from hunting muskrat at Port Union, Ontario (east of Toronto) until he obtained a license. [See Document No. 602.]

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Dames of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

French Canadian Pioneers: The Dames of Quebec


Henri-Joseph Dame | Charlotte Blain

February 19th, 1748, Boucherville

[Occ. settler]

Source: Researcher: Marcel Dame


Pierre Dame | Marie-Reine Blain

August 29th, 1740, Boucherville

[Occ. salt smuggler – see link below]


Note: These two Dames were brothers

Source: Researcher – Marcel Dame


Variations and associated surnames

Dalme  – Danis  – Donnet


This series of Early French Canadian Pioneer microposts is dedicated to the earliest settlers of Quebec. If you are new to the genealogy of French-speaking Canadians, please be aware that the earliest French settlers can also descend from the Acadian pioneers who originally settled in what are now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In addition, please note that any Native related links refer back to other posts citing census, marriage or other documents with indigenous or Metis individuals of that surname, however those individuals do not necessarily descend from those particular French Canadian settlers. All these posts are intended as Finding Aides – a place to find possible clues and start your own research!



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Deportation of Salt-Smugglers to Nouvelle France



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Evelyn in Montreal: Dame m. Raymond, 1823

Denise Damm needed extra information about Pierre Dame and Esther Raymond of Chambly, Quebec.


Pierre Dame and Esther Raymond were married in Laprairie, Quebec on November 24th, 1823. His parents were Charles Dame and Marie Parent and her parents were Jean Baptiste Raymond and Charlotte Bourdeau. The ceremony took place in La-Nativite-de-la-Ste-Vierge parish.


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