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A Festival of Postcards (6th Ed.) – White | Part 2, Contemporary postcards, postcrossing

This is part 2 of A Festival of Postcards (6th Ed.) White

A Festival of Postcards (6th Ed.) – White | Part I



Chris Overstreet blogs at Wild Postcards: A (Re) Collection which showcases recent postcards that he’s collected as well as vintage postcards coming from a collection which was started by his “great-grandfather, Philip Nelson Smith (1896-1972), who kept a number of postcards from his childhood, and from his travels (mostly to visit family in Pennsylvania, after he and Great-Grandma Lottie left there to move in with my grandparents in New Jersey in the early ’60s). This time he’s entered a modern postcard  Dreaming of a White Christmas.





Regular contributor Sheila from the UK blogs at A Postcard a Day . Sheila sees her postcard collection as a way to continue her “father’s life at least in spirit”. Her postcard this month White gold in the south of France is a detailed industrial card of the saltworks at Camargue (Aigues Mortes, Petit Camargue, France) and is accompanied by information and links.


Annie Goodall of Annie & PB Go Geocaching entered her post Visions of White beginning with the words “White. What do you first think of when you see or hear the word white? For me it’s Antarctica” which I guess is natural since Annie hails from New Zealand. In case you’re wondering what geocaching is, Annie explains that “A geocache is a container hidden at specific geographical co-ordinates. In the activity of Geocaching a person must find this container and sign the log book inside it as evidence of having been there”. Sounds like fun!


New Delhi blogger Abhishek Chandra is a regular contributor to the Festival. He specializes in the collection of postcards of UNESCO World Heritage sites, so for the White issue he’s chosen a postcard of the famous calcite deposits of Pamukkale, Turkey. If you want to take a virtual trip around the world, I definitely recommend a visit to Abhishek’s PostCrossing Journey.


Postcrosser Wang Jia Yi is from Changshu/Jiansu, China and is presently studying German in Shanghai. His blog – Gone With Postcards & Covers – is where he showcases his collection of modern postcards, covers and stamps from all over the world. His entry – Fishing Nets depicts some traditional Poruguese nets.




Shaunna presents a wintry view of Winnipeg, Canada posted at Shaunna’s Postcrossing & Postcard Addiction blog. Shauna has well-organized indexes in her right sidebar which allow you to view her cards by subject, country and other categories. I found her speciality cards (e.g. Wooden, Magnet and Metal) postcard especially interesting.






If you’ve never dropped by Ana’s site My World Of Postcards you might want to take a look at the snowbound fortress of Kalemegdane which is located in Belgrade, Serbia. Ana is from Skopje (Macedonia) and I don’t know whether English is her mother tongue, but I admire her conversational, warm and sometimes winsome style of writing.



Canada is hosting the Winter Olympics this year and so it’s great that Festival newcomer Katie of Postcard Voyager is sharing two postcards one of Whistler Mountain and another of host city Vancouver, B.C. Katie lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in her profile she says she’s “obsessed with postcards and traveling. I also like anything that widens my mind – reading, learning new things (languages, crafts, skills), exploring the great outdoors, tasting new foods” .





Mary Doan presents White Birds saying, “Perhaps a bit of a stretch, but what the heck!” It’s not a stretch at all and I’m glad to welcome A Plethora of Postcards to the Festival. Here’s a bit more information from her site: “I’ve been sending and receiving postcards for over 30 years. When I travel, I send a postcard to myself, even if it’s just a one day business trip. I badger my friends to send me postcards when they go on trips. I collected postcard ads from those free postcard dispensers, that used to be found near bathrooms and phone booths in public places around the world. I have a scrapbook of postcards, sent between 1902 and 1905 to my great grandfather from an aunt, who appears to have been traveling extensively around Europe. Any of these and more might appear here over the next 365 days”.



An online showcase of the best postcards in the blogosphere!Ed. Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

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  1. Lots of great entries!!


    Comment by Julie | January 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hi Evelyn,
    Its gr8 to see the new edition of the “Festival of Postcards”. I’ve been anxiously waiting for it. I did visit the page but forgot to write to you as I was doing something else. Great entries this time too.


    Comment by Abhishek | January 9, 2010 | Reply

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