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A Festival of Postcards (7th Ed.) LIGHT – Call for Submissions

An online showcase of the best postcards in the blogosphere!Ed. Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

It’s Festival Time Again – The Festival of Light!

so this is the perfect time to pull out your vintage postcards or create some original mail art that depicts:

scenes – lit by the moon, neon or …

lights of all kinds – street lights, headlights, lamps etc.

the play of light on …

objects as light as a feather

something that light-ens your heart

lights your way

– or lights your fire!

Submit your post here –   Due FEB. 28 –  A Festival of Postcards (7th Ed.) Light

–  or  –



And to Get You Thinking …


Light Quotes and Sayings


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Landry, Mazerolle | St. Simon & St. Jude

Index: St. Simon & St. Jude – Grande Anse

Index: New Brunswick Cemeteries

Main Index: New Brunswick Genealogy and History

St.Simon & St.Jude Cemetery – Grande Anse, New Brunswick | Mazerolle, Theriault Genealogy


A la memoire de

Marguerite Mazerolle Continue reading

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