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Scotstown, Quebec (1906) | Forestry Fridays

This is a vintage postcard of Scotstown, Quebec which is located in the historic county of Compton, Eastern, Townships, Quebec. This area is now part of the modern administrative region l’Estrie. If you look closely you can see a Canadian Pacific rail car and a large lumberyard to the left both of which were important to the early history of Scotstown.


Vintage postcard of Scotstown (Compton) Quebec with lumberyard to the lower left | "Bird's eye View of Scotstown, Quebec


As its name implies, Scotstown was originally settled by Scottish immigrants. Their descendants are still in the area and are preserving their culture through groups such as the CEILIDH SOCIETY OF SCOTSTOWN. If you would like to know more about Scotstown or visit the area, then you should visit the site of the Quebec Heritage Web which has some historical notes on the early development of Scotstown and other Upper St.Francis English-speaking settlements (Bishopton, Bury, Cookshire, East Angus and Gould). Their site has inspired me to take a trip there next summer!


This postcard was published by R. B. Scott & Sons of Scotstown.

I wonder if these were descendants of John Scott, a pioneer of Scotstown?


A Little Bit Of Genealogy

John Scott (son of John Scott and Martha Murdock) married Isabella Jane McMaster (daughter of Eunes McMaster and Elisabeth McIndoc) at the Presbyterian Church in Scotstown (Compton) Quebec on January 1st, 1879.



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  1. I’m really beginning to value my old postcards now. For years, I had a wonderful resource sitting in hold-all in a cupboard.


    Comment by Martin Hodges | January 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hi Evelyn,

    I am always so amazed at the postcards in your collection. They are marvelous!


    Comment by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  3. I First would like to say it was wonderful to see Chief Poke in Fire again. I am a descendant of his. You see my great grandfather Noah Moses Belair was related to him. I’m not sure exactly how but I have been told I am supposed to be an Indian princess descended from him. Did you know the Kaknawake tribe took in Pocahontas when she fled the Virginia colonies? Most do not know about it. I also have a very rare book about the Kahnawake tribe with Chief Poke in Fire’s picture in it that you had posted on the website! I was shocked but warmed. Nice to make your acquaintance Evelyn! Always a wonder to meet possible kin!

    Notes from Evelyn:
    1. Heather contacted via email.
    2. to keep the record straight, I am not related or affiliated with the people of Kahnawake. My First Nations descent (with genetic corroboration) is through my maternal bloodlines and relates to the Mi’kmaq of what is now known as Cape Breton (N.S.) as well as smaller amounts through my Gallant dit Hache lines. Once again on the maternal side.
    3. I have never heard of any connection between Kahnawake and Pocahontas.


    Comment by Heather Nickola | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  4. Hi Heather,
    My great uncle was Noah Moses Belair (born in Aug 1900), brother to my grandfather Eusebe (“Zeb”)Belair. I too have been told of the Kahnawake connection but haven’t yet been able to find the family member with the Indian blood. I have a family geneology chart that dates back to the 1700- I would be interested in hearing from you.

    Contact happening via email.


    Comment by Denise Belair Dolloff | February 21, 2010 | Reply

  5. I have been doing some genealogy and am trying to find a Julie Chenell. (spelling could be with an S instead of C or even Sc. There were many spellings of this name. The reason I am contacting you is that she was listed in the 1911 Directory for Salem, Mass. USA as having moved to Scottstown, CT. There is no city of that name in CT so I think they meant your town as Julia was born in Quebec about 1884. Her sister, Ellen, was supposed to have gone there with her. All I know about her otherwise is that she ended up in Portland, Oregon and lived until at least 1967.
    Are there ant available records from that period that might record a marriage or other event for them?

    Note: Replied by email.


    Comment by Gary Thomas | December 21, 2010 | Reply

  6. I too am a descendant of Chief Poking Fire. My grandmother Jeanette Plante told me this. My great-grandfather was Albani Plante. I would be interested in finding out more about my heritage.

    Note from Evelyn: Answered privately


    Comment by Ashley Rutten | June 5, 2011 | Reply

  7. Hi, I’m interested in this too. My great grandfather was from Scots town, went hunting & came back w/ native wife. My grandfater was Osborne Sherman & trying to find my grandfater 1st name. Some confusion w/ my grandmother who is 1/2 native & her last name is Bloomfield, she was Elsie Bloomfield & her mother was Ida Bloomfield & they were from an area around Scots town, any help would be great.


    Comment by Caryn Sherman | July 24, 2017 | Reply

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