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Walter Daniel | WWI, Quebec | Evelyn In Montreal

Margaret Blank requested information about Reginald Walter Daniel and Amy Bunce Daniel, who might have originally come from England. Walter died in WWI and was buried in France. They had three offspring (Harold, Ivor and Reginald).


This family is in the 1911 census which  states that Daniel Walter and Amy, as well as their first son H. Harold were all born in England, whereas the last son Ivor (?) Alfred was born in Quebec. It also states that they emmigrated to Canada in 1907 and that they were Anglicans.  If you haven’t used the census before, note that you can consult the typed index, but then you should hit the ‘split screen’ tab at the top where you will find the original document and LOTS more info!

Basic census info
12 42 Daniel Walter M Head M Apr 1883
13 42 Daniel Amy F Wife M Aug 1880
14 42 Daniel H. Harold M Son S Jun 1905
15 42 Daniel Jen Alfred M Son S Jul 1909

*   *   *   *   *

These  1917 enlistment papers seem to be for your Walter Daniel (wife Amy Daniel)

Daniel, Walter
Regimental Number: 841200
Date of birth: 24/04/1883
(Soldiers of the First World War = CEF)

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  1. I know this post is quite old by maybe Evelyn is still on line. I live in the UK and I am researching the Rowley family from Worcester. I think Amy Daniel (formerly Bunce) is part of this tree,. Her mother was Mary Rowley ( who married Alfred Bunce) . Mary Rowley was the sister of my great grandfather.

    Amys’ sister Petronella also migrated to Canada in the late 1920s and married Henry Sandys who also migrated from the UK


    Comment by Anne Bayliss | October 30, 2016 | Reply

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