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St.Simon & St.Jude Cemetery – Grande Anse, New Brunswick | Sisk, Theriault Genealogy


Daniel J. Sisk and Rebecca Theriault were married in Gloucester County, New Brunswick on November 27th, 1900. (New Brunswick Vital Records RS141B7, Number:2703, Reference: B4/1900, Microfilm: F15594).

Daniel and Rebecca were both from Pokeshaw (at the time of their marriage). Pokeshaw lies along the coast between Grande-Anse and New Bandon. Daniel was the son of John and Mary Sisk, while she was the daughter of Lazarre Theriault. They have the following children listed in the New Brunswick archives: Mary Doris, John Morris and Clara Rebecca.

At the time of the 1921 census, Dan Sisk (farmer)  and his wife Rebecca were recorded in New Bandon with their children John, Dorcas, Stanley, Clara, Adeline, Margaret and Edwin.

The Pokeshaw Shoreline

There was no such thing as YouTube when I visited the Grande-Anse area, so I’m really grateful to those who post their videos online. Merci, Dominic Fazer!




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