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Malvina Theriault –  1902 – 1951


George Dugas and Malvina Theriault were married in New Bandon Parish on July 23rd, 1930. (New Brunswick Vital Records: RS141B7, Number 4252, Reference: B4/1930, Microfilm: F19754). He was the son of Marcel Dugas and Sara Paulin

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  1. My grandmother, Rebecca May known as Mamie Jeffers & her many siblings were born in New Bandon, (Gloucester Co.) New Brunswick as was here father Edward Jeffers. New Bandon was a village founded by Protestant Irish about 1812 and all the people in the 1852 Census say they were born in Ireland except my Great-Great Grandfather who says he was born in Nova Scotia. I wonder how in a predominantly English-speaking village 2 Acadians came to be married. Is there even a Roman Catholic Church in the village? My Grandmother born in 1882 would have left in 1910s after she married my Grandfather Freeman Goneau of Middle River. My Grandmother spoke no French and my Grandfather’s mother says she’s an anglophone, but her children all bearing very English Christian names are Francophone.

    See: Acadians of New Bandon (Grande Anse/St.Leolin) | Canadian Family Genealogy


    Comment by Dianna Inkster | January 1, 2012 | Reply

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