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Update: Jean Baptiste Anglehart/Anne Chapados Family Tree Book

Last May, Maurice Anglehart (a descendant of Jacques Anglehart and Anastasie Huard through Jacques Anglehart/Florence Peaudemarthe and then Antoine Anglehart & Marie-Lousie Cyr)  left a message announcing an Anglehart family reunion and the preparation of a new genealogy book. Here’s his original message and an update.

I am from l’Anse-aux-Gascons, Gaspé peninsula, Québec. Mr Gerald Brotherton is now working on the genealogy tree of the Anglehart, from Jean-Baptiste & Anne Chapados of Paspebiac. To help him out, everyone should send me by E-Mail all the information you have; that way, our book could be ready by this summer. Once the book ready, we are planning to organize a family reunion of all the ENGELHARDT and Anglehart having roots from Paspebiac in 1783.


Comment by Maurice Anglehart | May 2, 2010

*   *   *

Samedi, 17 juillet prochain, à 15h00, au Centre multifonctionnel de Gascons, en Gaspésie, M Gérald Brotherton lancera son livre sur la généalogie des Anglehart. Tous les Anglehart, Engelhardt, Englehart, Inglehart, et familles associées sont invités. Vous pourrez vous procurer le livre sur place pour 25$CDN.

Summary: Gerald Brotherton’s new Anglehart genealogy book will be published on July 17th, 2010 at 3 p.m.  All Angleharts, Engelhardts, Engleharts, Ingleharts and associated families are invited.

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  1. Je viens de voir votre site
    Mon père est Norbert Anglehart
    Son père Raymond Anglehart.
    Mon oncle Rolly Anglehart et
    cousin Normand Anglehart travaille
    sur not génélogie.
    Je voudrais savoir le vrai nom.
    D’ou viens Anglehart en autre mot.
    Je voudrais vous rencontrer un jour.
    Diane Anglehart Gareau


    Comment by Diane | August 12, 2010 | Reply

    • Engle: Angel; hardt: solide
      Englehardt: solid angel
      During the Germanic Roman Empire, The Englehardt had for mission to christianise the north of Europe which is Pologne of today.


      Comment by Maurice Anglehart | March 31, 2012 | Reply

  2. Dans le livre Mariages de Gaspé-Est , Cecilia Bouchard -Lévesque , le nom de famille Anglehart , provient de

    Migkelharte ( Allemagne )



    Comment by Diane Sinnett | April 6, 2012 | Reply

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