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A Festival of Postcards (8th Ed.) – GEO

An online showcase of the best postcards in the blogosphere!Ed. Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

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Welcome to the Festival of Postcards (8th Ed.)GEO – featuring dozens of entries that depict the geography of our planet through images and cartography. As always, participating bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds. Many specialize in  the collection and study of postcards, others use postcards to enhance their historical or socio-cultural research interests and finally, there are a few who showcase their altered mail art.  What unites us all is our love and appreciation for postcards!

Our Feature Article for this issue is –  It’s A Small World After All – and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the way Caroline Pointer uses several “geographically inspired” ideas and metaphors to reexamine the worlds of genealogy and postcards from a fresh perspective. Caroline is well-known in the family history and genealogy communites for her storytelling skills. You can sample her work at Family Stories and as well as at her other blogs –  Family Stories in Stone and Texas Family Stories.

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Caroline Pointer | Family Stories

It’s A Small World After All

(excerpt) Have you ever heard or used the term, “worlds apart”? It’s usually used to indicate how far apart two people’s lives, ideas, beliefs, faith, etc. are from one another. Before I started researching my family’s genealogy, I thought I was “worlds apart” from other people. I thought I was not really connected to much ~ not to other people nor to history. Nothing. Oh, I knew who my family was [mostly], but not where my family fit into things. Where I fit into things. Now, I know. Genealogy has become sort of a map for me …..

Leo Schifferli | Postcardiness

23 Skidoo – The Flatiron Building – New York City

(excerpt) The metaphorical intersection of architecture, idiomatic phraseology, and – at least to some extent – postcards, all converged on the geographic intersection of Fifth Avenue, Broadway, and 23rd Street in New York City in the very early 1900s to produce what some lexicographers consider to be the first fad phrase to sweep the entire nation: “23 skidoo”

Susan | This Old Paper: Curious Things That Are Flat

Thanks for writing, Verena!

(excerpt) Of all the postcards in the Schifferli postcard albums, this one is a perfect match for the current A Festival of Postcards (8th Ed.): Geography theme – with a genealogical twist! On the front is featured Gruss aus Dottingen Aargau, Switzerland. My paternal German-speaking ancestors were from the city of Dottingen in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland!

Mandy Collins | Pearl Maple


(excerpt) This month’s theme in the Carnival of Postcards is geography so I have included maps, lots of maps and even a little postage stamp with a globe on it. Here are the first few pages, keep checking back for updates as more pages are added. And as always, I confirm for my postcard & stamp collecting friends, all materials have been checked for significance before being altered.

Sheila | A Postcard A Day

Europe – oddly misshapen

(excerpt) There is little information on the card itself, posted from Prague last week. All it says is Strahov Library – A symbolic map of Europe as a virgin (1592)”. A considerable amount of detective work has given me the following information. The map is probably one by Heinrich Bunting who drew up many symbolic maps as well as more conventional ones. This particular subject of Europe as a person was first drawn in 1537 but several other artist/cartographers later produced their own versions.

John Gasson | Wandering Genealogist

Brighton District

(excerpt) My interest in both maps and postcards stems from an interest in local history, and now they are both an important feature of my family history research. Without a date it is not going to be a great deal of help in any research, but it contains some wonderful features and names so many places connected to my family history. I would list all the places that have a family connection or a personal connection, but it would take far too long.

Bob Kramp | Life’s Journey

State Postcards – A Special Project

(excerpt) Actually, I have collected most of these cards while working at, or enroute to, jobs at nuclear power plants all over the States. Sometimes on my day off, I would browse antique stores and flea markets for vintage cards of the states, such as those shown in the close-up below. I believe the cards of Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee (with scalloped edges) and a few others out of view could be considered vintage.

Major Pepperidge | Gorillas Don’t Blog

Disneyland Panorama Postcards

(excerpt) I have mentioned my Disneyland postcard collection before; it was a lot of fun hunting down all of the cards that I needed at countless postcard shows (and ebay of course). There are still a few that I’d love to find, but have to admit that I haven’t been looking very diligently for the past few years. ANYWAY, today I am sharing scans from my favorite series of postcards – the panoramas! They’re twice as wide as your ordinary card, which allowed for some pretty stunning landscape views. I believe that these must date from around 1956 or ’57, and some of them can be pretty rare; it took me a while to get the whole set.

Andrea Kobayashi | Armchair antiquarian | NEW!

The Armchair Antiquarian: Old postcard – Ben Lomond from Luss

(excerpt from essay Mythologizing Landscape) My point of entry into the investigation of landscape began in about 1994 when I was working on paintings and drawings featuring decayed or damaged architecture; principally tombs, graveyards and bomb sites. At this time I became interested in prehistoric monuments such as Stonehenge. In 1999 I visited this site as well as Avebury and Rollright as well as some other small stone circles and Neolithic ruins which lie along the 200 mile coast to coast path in northern England.

Valentin Mandache | Historic Houses of Romania NEW

Oil of the subcarpathian piedmont

(excerpt) The old postcard from my collection (I found it at an antique fair in London) displayed above shows one of those rich oil fields of that era located in the Subcarpathian piedmont, north of Bucharest, where the landscape is literally overwhelmed by tens, even hundreds of oil wells. To underline the highly international nature of this business and its role in connecting Romania to the world, the postcard also shows a telling annotation made by the person who used it for correspondence in late 1920s, an English speaking individual (the US and also British companies had large investments in the Romanian oil industry of that time) …..

Lynne | Postcardy: The Postcard Explorer

Pennsylvania Oil Country

(excerpt) This postcard is rather unusual. It is the only one I have seen with a map and a comic superimposed on a view.In the last half of the 19th century, western Pennsylvania was dominant in oil production. The area had already been known for oil seeping out of the ground and being found accidentally when drilling water wells. The first commercial oil well was drilled in 1859 in Titusville, north of Pittsburgh ….. Nearly half of the world’s oil production came from Pennsylvania until the 1901 oil boom in Texas.

Karen Resta | Postcards From The Dinner Table

Pen Pals, CherryRipe, Bonded by the Weather

Here’ s some of what Karen has to say about herself – Aside from flipping through fun postcards hour upon hour, I’ve been Executive Chef in a high-profile private dining establishment in New York City, resided briefly in Paris and the Florida Keys, lived at another time (a bit longer) on a Sparkman and Stevens 38′ wooden sloop moored at City Island and Stamford, and for much longer than that the most delightful borough of New York – Brooklyn – was my home.

Norman R. Brown | Brown/Wheeler Family History NEW

Twenty-three Vintage Reasons to “Wish You Were Here”

(excerpt) [Summit Lake is near the village of Summit where my 2nd Great-Grandfather Parley Brown (1811-1878) raised his 17 children and where fishing through the ice is very popular. As the locals say, “The worse the weather is, the better they bite.” Summit Lake is also only seven miles from Jefferson, the source of the Delaware River at Mount Jefferson, where my 3rd Great-Grandfather Perley Brown (1756-1816) lived, having moved there from Connecticut after serving in the Revolutionary War.]

Lydia | Writerquake

Cow Creek Cañón, Southern Oregon

(excerpt) Summer has definitely come to the U. S. this week with a major heat wave in the northeast and we are even expecting triple digit temperatures in western Oregon over the next few days. I selected the postcard today specifically for its refreshing scene, in hopes that a mental cool-down might bring some relief to those of you suffering in the heat. I love that the postcard was published using the Spanish spelling (minus the accent marks) for canyon. It must have been the preferred usage of the word at the time, which is interesting when you think how there is a backlash (spearheaded by certain groups) against using Spanish in the U.S. today.

M. Diane Rogers | CanadaGenealogy, or Jane’s Your Aunt

Ocean Falls British Columbia Canada

(excerpt) The second reason I chose this card was because it mentions a landmark named for a woman, or women, – I collect cards like this – and because it illustrates that you shouldn’t always believe what you read in print. The mountain at Ocean Falls is and was commonly and officially named Mount Caro Marion, (not Clara Marian), likely for two young women who climbed it early on – although there isn’t the best evidence about those details.

Betty Tartas | Betty’s Boneyard Genealogy Blog NEW

Festival of Postcards (8th edition) Geography Issue

(excerpt) I love this photo because it gives such a good representation of the scale of these mountains vs. the size of the buildings in the town. The large white building in center of the photos is the Mono County Courthouse, which I visited in 2001 when we took my mother to Bodie for her 80th birthday.

Mary Doan | A Plethora of Postcards

A Plethora of Postcards: Cape Horn, Chile

(excerpts) 1. Somehow the end of the continent seemed like a good one for the geography carnival. It was one of my very first posts, when I started the postcard blogging. 2. I’ve been sending and receiving postcards for over 30 years. When I travel, I send a postcard to myself, even if it’s just a one day business trip. I badger my friends to send me postcards when they go on trips. I collected postcard ads from those free postcard dispensers, that used to be found near bathrooms and phone booths in public places around the world. I have a scrapbook of postcards, sent between 1902 and 1905 to my great grandfather from an aunt, who appears to have been traveling extensively around Europe.

Linda Hughes Hiser | Flipside

Festival of Postcards–Geography–Threave Castle, Scotland

Have you ever found a place that is special…..a comfort zone? One of mine is Threave Castle located on the River Dee, Kirkcudbrightshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Back in 2003, when I first had the pleasure of visiting numerous “family” castles in the Dumfries area, this one just felt special. Although there is not much left….the interior is gone, I could almost imagine bygone days. Sitting at one of the windows and watching far beyond the River Dee hoping that visitors would arrive.

Michelle Goodrum | Turning of Generations NEW

Festival of Postcards – Geography – Monument Valley

(excerpt) This postcard of Totem Poles in Monument Valley, Utah was found among some of my parents papers. Since they visited the Southwest in the early 1960’s, I am guessing that this postcard is from that time frame. Monument Valley is located on the Navajo Reservation, along the Utah/Arizona border in Northeast Arizona and Southeastern Utah.

Leslie Ann | Ancestors Live Here

A Festival of Postcards 8th Edition — Geography

(excerpt) The postcard I chose to share is one that was in a box of things that my great-grandmother had saved … It is a wonderful piece of architecture, castle like, the Administration Building of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.

Eric Aldrich | Making Owls Cool Since 1986 NEW

The Middle of Arizona in the Middle of the 20th Century

Here’s some of what Eric has to say about his blog – I’m Eric. I’m a literature PhD candidate, a writer, a vegan, and an hiker. The name of the blog is a reference to Mowat’s book, but the website presents print culture artifacts, places, people, and things of interest. There’s a spirit of folk culture that runs through much of the material, I enjoy minor historical recovery (like looking up people on old postcards), and I can’t help but include a naturalist ethic. For our Geo issue, Eric shares a postcard of Sedona, AZ whichhas made the news mostly recently because of New Age donkey James Arthur Ray and the sweat lodge deaths, it’s usually known for it’s iconic red rocks and scenic Oak Creek Canyon.”

Lisa L | Are You My Cousin?

Weekly Postcard Niagara Falls

(excerpt) This is a fun postcard from Niagara Falls. More specifically, this is the American Falls. This postcard is addressed to my great-grandmother Esther Lee Richardson in New Ferry, VA. It is postmarked 16 Oct 1913 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Unfortunately the card is not signed and I have no idea who sent it.

Janet Iles | Janet the researcher,

Festival of Postcards – Geography – Loch Callater

(excerpt) This postcard shows a scene from Loch Callater, Scotland. It is located six miles south of Braemar. My father sent it to his mother during the Second World War after he had returned from a leave in Scotland. He “had a swell time on Leave”.

T Casteel | Tangled Trees

The White Cliffs of Dover

(excerpt) The cliffs, made of white calcium carbonate (chalk), are located along the British coastline at the narrowest part of the English Channel facing the strait of Dover and France. It’s location is a site where invasions have historically threatened ….. Later these tunnels also played a role in the defence of Britain during the Napoleonic Wars. During WWII the tunnels were enlarged to become the Secret Wartime Tunnels beneath Dover Castle.

Charles Hansen | Mikkel’s Hus

Festival of Postcards Great Falls, Montana

(excerpt) A couple of postcards from my dad’s collection. Both look to be about the same age, so maybe his dad Anton picked them up when he was at Great Falls, Montana. Charles is a family historian form Spokane, Washington.

Richard Yehle | Yehle Genealogy NEW

Yehle Genealogy: Puerto de Santos, Brazil

Californian Richard Yehle’s blog is only a few months old and he started it to show his family history, including the three Yehle (German spelling = Jehle) brothers who came to the US in 1866-1867, and the region of La Plata (Argentina). His postcard features the coast at Santos, Brazil.

Shaunna F | Shaunna’s Postcrossing & Postcard Addiction.

Festival of Postcards – Geography

(excerpt) This is a card from my dad’s collection. He collected cards on trips that he took, and this one shows Mt Robson in British Columbia (which is stated on the left side).

Lorlee Bartos | Dear Annie

Cowboy Heroes

(excerpt) My great Aunt Annie Bartos lived with her twin Uncle Wencil until his death at 83 and then lived by herself until she died at 90 in 1983. She was a collecter. One walked between boxes in her house. Among this treasure is a collection of about 700 postcards from about 1910 to 1924. It is my goal to share them with her descendants and with the world.

Anonymous | Viewliner

The Vista Dome

(excerpt) What we have here is a 6 by 9 inch GIANT postcard from the 1950s. This is one of those postcards that has a lot to say. It shows the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad consisting of the California Zephyr.

Jim Merado | Kentucky Travels

Mammoth Cave NEW

(excerpt) Hi, I am Jim, I love Kentucky, and traveling in and around Kentucky. Here are my thougths about this great state, and some other locations around it! Most of my travels are centered around Minor League Baseball, so if you love Kentucky or baseball, you’re alright!

Leslie Roby | Rock Creek Lodge

Rock Creek Lodge: View from the Lower Bridge NEW

This blog was created as a place to capture the memories and history of Rock Creek Lodge during the time it was owned by the Roby family: 1947 through 1988.

Colin Jones | Rhyl Life


(excerpt) Here are more pictures of Foryd harbour … The two big pictures are postcards from my own collection, the final one being probably from World War 2 because on the back it bears a quote from Winston Churchill: “Victory – not only for our own time but for the long and better days to come.”

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Call For Submissions: Festival of Postcards (9th Ed.) – Locomotion

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  1. Woo hoo! Hurray for Evelyn and her Festival of Postcards! Thank you for organizing these wonderful entries that span the globe. — Leo


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  2. […] This post is being submitted to the Festival of Postcards, coordinated by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault, since the theme of this Festival (8th Edition) is “Geo.”  July 16, 2010 update:  The Geo edition of the Festival has been posted! […]


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  3. […] all the postcards in the Schifferli postcard albums, this one is a perfect match for the current A Festival of Postcards (8th Ed.): Geography theme – with a genealogical twist!  On the front is featured Gruss aus Dottingen Aargau, […]


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  4. Evelyn – I am honored to be included in this ‘classroom’ of postcard ‘students’ and am looking forward to getting started on our next ‘assignment’! Great posts, each and every one – a world-wide whirlwind!


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  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and choosing my postcard for this festival. I am very happy to have this card amongst this interesting collection. I have discovered many new interesting blogs too.


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  7. Evelyn,

    What a great job you did in putting the Carnival together! It looks great. And I am very honored that you chose my post and postcard as your featured article. Thank You.

    Family Stories


    Comment by Caroline Pointer | July 19, 2010 | Reply

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