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Oxen pulling giant logs| Forestry Fridays

The text on this vintage postcard reads “Scene d’hiver, Canada  –  Scott  –  Photo J.E. Marcoux.

Vintage postcard of farm oxen pulling a heavy sled loaded with very large logs


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  1. Is there a date on the back of this old post card? We have a double-sided wood shop sign for an E. Morin horlogier bijoutier in Quebec that was designed/painted by J.E. Marcoux Scott, the same names as on the bottom of the front of this old post card. We are looking for information about E. Morin and his shop that may have been in the Sherbrooke area in the early 1900s (1920s/1930s?).

    Allan Symons, Curator, The Canadian Clock Museum July 5, 2013


    Comment by Allan Symons | July 5, 2013 | Reply

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