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Albany M. Robichaud m. Dorina Cormier, New Brunswick 1929

Craig Dougherty asks:
I have traced my family back to Abraham 2nd Dugas also my maternal line all the way back to one of the mother of Acadia Ann Brenon. I did find my judge but he was a Superior Court Judge. His name was Albany M Robichaud 22 Jul 1903 in Shippegan to 27 Oct 1974 Bathurst. He was also the Mayor of Bathurst from 1945 to 1947. He was married to a Dorina Cormier who I know would be my most recent connection to for my roots are Dugas/Cormier from Caraquet. I just started this search but so far have not confirmed her parents. I am leaning towards a Sylvester Cormier being her father but am still working on that.

I am also trying to locate myseld a copy of the book (Theriault Fidele (1985) Les Familles de Caraquet. ISBN 0-9692151-0-X) to buy but am having no luck locating anyone selling it. Keep digging! Cheers, Craig Dougherty


1. This is the marriage information from the New Brunswick Provincial Archives Index.

Date 1929 | 10 | 22  (Y-M-D)
Number 1327
Reference B4/1929
Microfilm F19696

2. I was unable to locate the original microfilmed church records which would indicate her mother.

3. The easiest way to find a copy of Fidele Theriault’s book (and most probably to make direct contact with him) is to post your query at the Theriault Surname Board at Genforum. Put his name in the Subject Box.

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  1. Great news! Many of the PANB records now have scans!



    Comment by Greg Cormier | November 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. I have found a birth and baptismal record for a Marie Dorina Cormier born 18 January 1901 in Grande Anse, Gloucester County if this is of any help. It shows her parents as Philias Cormier and Charlotte Albert. I downloaded the record if anyone would want it.


    Comment by Lucie | November 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. ah..I see Greg was able to access the marriage record and the Dorina I found is a different person than in the marriage record.. sorry about that. Thought I was onto something;)


    Comment by Lucie | November 28, 2010 | Reply

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