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History Of Kahnawake | Links To Biographical Info | Pt I (A-C)

This is Part I (A-C) of what will be a regularly-updated collection of links to online information about individuals who have lived in, passed through or been in some way connected to the history of Kahnawake.

If you are a newcomer to historical research, please remember that, as Winston Churchill once said: “history is written by the victors”. Much of the information in these links is derived from 19th century documents which were written from a European Christian perspective. The original recounts, in particular, are frequently patronizing and at times racist, so while they hold much of value they should be read with a critical mind!


Blue = Native American or married Native American

Orange = Religious Order (non-Native)

Brown = Military, explorer, government (non-Native)

GreenWriter, scholar (non-Native)

Red = All Others (non-Native)


(aka) Thiathoharongouan, Louis Atayataghronghta, Louis Cook, Colonel Louis – part Abenaki part Black  –  18th century


 Atiatoharongwen Bio

My ancestor Atiatoharongwen


 Sulpician, 19th century, spent time in Caughnawaga


 Baveux, Jean-Claude-Leonard Bio

Les Prêtres de Saint-Sulpice au Canada


codified rules of lacrosse for westerners – 19th century


Beers, William George Bio

Lacrosse: the national game of Canada Continue reading

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Lajeunesse m. Barbier | Evelyn in Montreal

After years of looking I have finally traced back to Nicolas LaJeunesse and Marie Loiselle as my grandparents. Could you tell me anything more about them? Continue reading

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Francois Blondeau m. Nicole Rolland des Pelleteaux | Evelyn in Montreal

I am trying to find anything on Francois Blondeau (1642?-1702)and his wife Nicole Rolland in Quebec.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!     Melissa Harvey



Francois Blondeau was born about 1630 in Saumur (Notre-Dame-de-Nantilly) (Maine-et-Loire), France, to Daniel Blondeau and Francoise Duvau. Continue reading

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