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Mary Martha Doucet of Bathurst, N.B. (Pt.1) | Evelyn in Montreal

Stephen Benton says:

My maternal grandmother was Mary Martha Doucet born in 1898 in Bathurst, NB. Per my mother, I know there were approx 5 children in the family.  All females had the first name of Mary, and I believe they were generally addressed by their middle name. There was only one brother, Simon.  I would much like to learn the name of her parents and any other info on the family.  Mary Martha Doucet married in Canada and emigrated to USA in 1925. I am 52 y/o and live in Louisiana, USA.

Census Information (scroll down for links)

1901 Census (New Brunswick, Gloucester, Bathurst)

Doucett Theodore M   1864

Doucett Bessie   1874

Doucett Francis   1897

Doucett Martha  1899

1911 Census (New Brunswick, Gloucester, Bathurst)

Doucet Theodore Head M Dec 1864 46
21 102 Doucet Elizabeth F Wife M Nov 1874 36
correction exists icon 22 102 Doucet Francis F Daughter S Aug 1896 14
23 102 Doucet Martha F Daughter S Jul 1898 12
24 102 Doucet Marie F Daughter S Apr 1904 7
correction exists icon 25 102 Doucet Nallie F Daughter S Sep 1905 5
26 102 Doucet Simon M Son S Mar 1908 3
27 102 Doucet Elizabeth F Daughter S Jun 1910 1

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A Canadian Family

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