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Mary Martha Doucet of Bathurst, N.B. (Pt.1) | Evelyn in Montreal

Stephen Benton says:

My maternal grandmother was Mary Martha Doucet born in 1898 in Bathurst, NB. Per my mother, I know there were approx 5 children in the family.  All females had the first name of Mary, and I believe they were generally addressed by their middle name. There was only one brother, Simon.  I would much like to learn the name of her parents and any other info on the family.  Mary Martha Doucet married in Canada and emigrated to USA in 1925. I am 52 y/o and live in Louisiana, USA.

Census Information (scroll down for links)

1901 Census (New Brunswick, Gloucester, Bathurst)

Doucett Theodore M   1864

Doucett Bessie   1874

Doucett Francis   1897

Doucett Martha  1899

1911 Census (New Brunswick, Gloucester, Bathurst)

Doucet Theodore Head M Dec 1864 46
21 102 Doucet Elizabeth F Wife M Nov 1874 36
correction exists icon 22 102 Doucet Francis F Daughter S Aug 1896 14
23 102 Doucet Martha F Daughter S Jul 1898 12
24 102 Doucet Marie F Daughter S Apr 1904 7
correction exists icon 25 102 Doucet Nallie F Daughter S Sep 1905 5
26 102 Doucet Simon M Son S Mar 1908 3
27 102 Doucet Elizabeth F Daughter S Jun 1910 1

Vital Statistics Information (scroll down for links)

A Canadian Family

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1911 Census of Canada Indexing Project – Automated Genealogy

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  1. Martha (Lavigne) Doucet, married to Albert Doucet was born in 1921.
    daughter of Frances Doucet,(married to Frank Lavigne) was happy to see this site. She is the grand-daughter of Theodore & Bessie (Elizabeth) Doucet.
    She is related to Mone (Martha) Cooper and Nellie Mahonney who moved to the states.
    She believes that Theodore’s father was known as Mariner as they called him “Theodore a Marin” in french
    Frances,her mother, died at 87 years of age. You seem to be missing a sister named Pauline who was born between Tillie (Elizabeth) and Simon.
    Pauline, Tillie and Simon never married.
    Mom is visiting me in Ontario at the present.


    Comment by Denise Walmsley | December 4, 2011 | Reply

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