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Early Image Of The Church Of Amqui

Vintage b/w view of the beautiful Amqui Church | Matapedia Valley | Bas-St-Laurent

Some Genealogical Notes:  Early Pioneers of Amqui

Source: Amqui – Cent Ans a raconter, 1889-1989 (ISBN 2-9801227-3-4)

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The first settler was the Native “Para“, who was there from 1839. He had built a cabin on the shores of Petit Lac. He cleared some land and might have also been an official steward of the land. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about this individual.

The first settlers of European origin were Marcel Brochu and his first wife Seraphine Saint-Laurent (and family), and later his second wife Cleophe Bosse. Other early settlers were:  Thomas Frechette and family, and finally the families of four Poirier brothers: Elie, Elzear, Auguste and Philippe.

By the end of the 19th century other pioneer families included those of Philippe Renouf, Samuel Plante, Lazare Roy, Chrysostome Bernier and Joseph Saint-Pierre. Non-settlers included Andrew Gambell, Samuel Lowe and Philippe Warren.


Reverse of Postcard

Postmark: 1928

Addressee: Mlle Laurette Brassard

A Canadian Family Vintage Postcard Collection


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