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Index: Outdoor Bread Ovens Of Quebec

Retro Vintage Postcard: Murray Bay (Malbaie) Quebec | Quebec Habitant stands in front of traditional oven - child sits on the side



Retro Vintage Postcard: Traditional Gaslesie outdoor bread oven | Lady in traditional dress pulls bread out of ovenI collect vintage postcards depicting the Gaspesie region of northern Quebec because two of my family lines (Theriault and Luce) settled there at different times. In this series I’m sharing one of my sub-collections – The Outdoor Bread Ovens of Quebec.If you’re interested in traditional bake ovens then I hope you will enjoy the text below. If you’re interested in the images then you can also scroll down and click on the the links to the individual images.

“In Gaspe, as in many parts of the surrounding country we find the old-fashioned Canadian Postcardsbake-ovens.  A foundation of stone was built according to the size required, and covered with a smooth surface of brick or sandstone.


An arched mould of earth was next built and covered with a composition of clay, sand and marsh hay to the thickness of six inches. When finished, the earth was removed Outdoor bread oven | Canadian postcardsby slow degrees, and a fire built inside. When the earth was all removed the inside of the top was well baked. A stove door is often used to close the open end.


When bake day arrives, a fire is made in the oven; by frequent stirring, this becomes converted into red-hot coals. When the inside of the oven Canadian postcardsturns white, the coals are removed; the heat of the oven is tested by inserting the hand, and keeping it in, till twenty is slowly counted.


The story is told of a woman more devotional then mathematical who repeated the Lord’s Prayer. The bread is placed on a wooden shovel and pushed in, and the door tightly fastened.In an hour the bread is ready for removal — beautifully baked — and it is asserted that no range oven can rival the taste of bread thus cooked in a clay oven.”


continue reading at “Treasure trove in Gaspé … “






Four a cuire d’un paysan


Le Pain de Chez-nous


Bread Oven in the country (1908)


Roadside Bake Oven in Rural Quebec


Bake Oven, used in Province of Quebec


Four a pain en plein air, Gaspe


The Old Oven, Murray Bay, Quebec (Malbaie)




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  1. Great cards! What’s particularly amusing to me is that a number of our neighbors have built similar ovens in their back yards. It has come back, just like keeping chickens. They seem to work quite well. We had a pizza party at one neighbor’s house and the pizzas that came out of that oven were superb.


    Comment by Christine | January 29, 2011 | Reply

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