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Finch and Pruyn Railroad & the Henry River Sawmill | Laurier Station (Joly)

Marc Carrette recently left a message under my Henry River sawmill post stating that this Henry River is located in the region of Joly, Quebec. In follow-up correspondence with M. Carrette, he added the following information:

“Henry River, (is) a place located near Laurier Station (Joly) just  30 miles west of Quebec City on the highway no 20.  At this place the Finch and Pruyn had a logging railroad and a lumber mill (around 1920-1925)”

M. Carrette (Levis, Quebec) is actually a railway historian and he is looking for –

“historical documents about this sawmill operation as well as old pictures of the railroad (Finch and Pruyn RR)”

If you are reading this post and you have any information, pictures, or perhaps family memorabilia about this railway or the sawmill, I hope you will consider sharing these with M. Carrette.

You can drop me a line in the comment box below and I will put you in direct contact with him.


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