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French Canadian Pioneers: The Poiriers of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

Poirier Family Tree | Quebec Poirier Genealogy

Claude Poirier / Perrier / Ladouceur  |  Angelique Deslierres dit Bonvouloir

November 17th, 1766, Longueuil

[Occ. troupes de Montcalm, Royal-Roussillon, Rouyn]

[Baptismal record]

Pierre Poirier |  Marie-Louise Lecour

February 13th, 1741, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. procurator]

Pierre Poirier   |  Marie-Catherine Sedilot dit Montreuil

September 30th, 1737, Ste-Foy

[Occ. Faux saunier – salt smuggler]

Vincent Poirier / Bellepoire  |  Francoise Pinguet

February 8th, 1655, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. military, Trois-Rivieres garrison]

[Genealogical notes – French]



Variations and associated surnames

Bellefeuille  – Bellepoire – Delage – Deloge(s)

Ladouceur – Lafleur – Lajeunese – Langevin

Laurent – Leger – Michaud



This series of Early French Canadian Pioneer microposts is dedicated to the earliest settlers of Quebec. If you are new to the genealogy of French-speaking Canadians, please be aware that the earliest French settlers can also descend from the Acadian pioneers who originally settled in what are now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In addition, please note that any Native related links refer back to other posts citing census, marriage or other documents with indigenous or Metis individuals of that surname, however those individuals do not necessarily descend from these particular French Canadian settlers. All these posts are intended as Finding Aides – a place to find possible clues and start your own research!



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  1. ANNE POIRIER BELLEPOIRE was born on March 3, 1656 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada to Vincent Poirier dit Bellepoire (1628-1703) and Francoise Pinguet (-1661).
    *PRDH Baptism 57554: Québec, 1656-03-03; Birth: 1656-03-03
    01 Anne POIRIER; – c p f
    02 Vincent POIRIER; Father of 01; Spouse of 03; – m p m
    03 Francoise POIRIER; Mother of 01; Spouse of 02; – m p f
    04 Jean DELAUSON; Occupation: Gouverneur; – p m
    05 Marie GAUCHER; Spouse of 06; – v p f
    06 DUPONT; Spouse of 05; – m d m
    07 Jerome LALEMANT; Occupation: Curé; Residence: Québec; – c p m
    *PRDH Burial 82950: Ste-Foy, 1704-02-01; Death: 1704-01-31
    01 Anne POIRIER; Residence; Ste-Foy; – m d f
    02 Ignace BONHOMME BEAUPRE; Spouse of 01; Residence; Ste-Foy; – v v m
    03 Charles Amador MARTIN; Occupation: Prêtre; Residence; Ste-Foy; – c p m
    1. *PRDH 1621-1799, (Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique), Fam 74.
    2. *PRDH 1621-1799, (Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique), Ind 7316.
    3. *PRDH 1621-1799, (Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique), Bap 57554.
    4. *PRDH 1621-1799, (Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique), Bur 82950.
    5. *PRDH 1621-1799, (Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique), MCon 94838.


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