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French Canadian Pioneers: The Dufresnes of Quebec

Dufresne Family | Quebec Dufresne Genealogy

Antoine (Nicolas) Dufresne / St-Antoine | Jeanne Fauconnier

December 5th, 1668, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. military, Carignan-Salieres, La Fredyere]

Jeanne was a Fille du Roi.

Jacques Dufresne / Legrand  |   Marie-Madeleine Provost

November 4th, 1760, St-Jean-Francois-Regis (St-Philippe)

[Occ. military, Montcalm, Royal-Roussillon, Du Coin]

Julien Dufresne / Bouin |  Marguerite Berrin

July 2nd, 1675,  Quebec (Notre-Dame)

{Occ. military, Carignan-Salieres, Colonelle}

Luc Dufresne |  Marie-Josephe Jette

April 26th, 1729, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. -]

Nicolas Dufresne / Janvrin |  Marie-Madeleine Berson

January 17th, 1689, Quebec (Notre-Dame)


Pierre Dufresne |   Anne Patin

February 8th, 1655, Dieppe (St-Remy)

[Occ. sailor]

Pierre Dufresne / Dufresnay / Freney  | Marie-Catherine Perillard

October 3rd, 1763, Montreal (Notre-Dame)


Pierre Dufresne / Dufrenay / St-Louis | Marie-Ursule Petitot

November 17th, 1750, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. merchant & carbaretier]

Nicolas Dufresne / Janvrin / Jenvrin |  Marie-Madeleine Berson

January 17th, 1689, Quebec (Notre-Dame)


Jean Letourneau  |  Anne-Francoise Dufresne

April 18th, 1673, Ste-Famille (Ile-d’Orleans)


Variations and associated surnames

Beaulieu, Beloni, Blouin, Boin, Bonin, Bouin, Dolbec, Dufraisne, Dufrene, Fournier, Gouin, Guon, Hilaire, Janvrin, Jenvrin, Laglanderie, Laurin, Paradis, Pineau, Rivard, Thunay, Vernas, Vernat


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