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Dominion Park Fairground | ca. 1907 (Featured postcard)

Vintage wooden roller coaster | Historic Amusement Park |

This lovely vintage postcard depicts Montreal’s Dominion Park at the turn of the century. You can see two of the attractions (Tours of the World and Bump the Bumps) as well as the roller coaster in the background.

Notes from the back of the card

This postcard was mailed from St-Jean (Quebec) to Berkeley (California) in October of 1907 just one year after its opening. It was sent by a Mr. Jules Girouard of St-Jean. It is possible that this was the Jules Girouard who married Yvonne Claprood in 1901 in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It was sent to a Mr. A. Thorant de Villers – an unusual surname for Quebec.

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