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M.A.A.A. (Montreal Amateur Athletic Association) Building – Peel Street

This vintage postcard (pub. Valentine & Sons) shows Montreal’s famous greystone buildings on the left and the M.A.A.A.’s historic Peel Street clubhouse on the right. The postcard dates from at least 1905 because that is when the M.A.A.A. opened its Peel St. clubhouse. The Association was really an amalgam of 5 sporting clubs: the Montreal Bicycle Club, the Montreal Football Club, the Montreal Lacrosse Club, the Montreal Snow-Shoe Club and the Tuque Bleue Toboggan Club – each well known in their own right. They were possibly best known –  in Victorian times (1880s)  –  for organizing Montreal’s first winter carnivals and their  famous Ice Palaces.

And Michel Jolin adds the following:

You forgot about their hockey club which won the first Stanley Cup match in 1893-94, that winged wheel  (note: see below) was sown onto their Jerseys , and later inspired Jack Norris (who played on that team) to use the design on the Detroit Red Wings jerseys.

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Early 20th century (?) M.A.A.A. History

Warning: Written from a very “British of that time”  perspective, however includes great notes on the various founding clubs.

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